1 Prelude

Good morning to mother Earth. Good morning to my beautiful body which works so hard, despite being the creature the humankind loathes. And lastly, good morning to my handsome face.

I grin into my mirror and cheer with the chirping birds, after all, I'm the one who can communicate with species, something which no one else dared to. Well, they never can. They aren't ELEMENTAL, unlike my lucky self.

"Ronnie! Stop admiring yourself and help your mother now, would you?!" ah...my old lady. I happily scoff and wriggle my wrists in air, my body rising and floating amidst the door frame and I lazily ascend downstairs to my mother.

"Yes, mother?" my voice says it all. I don't want to be here, in the kitchen, helping my old lady cut up veggies. Nuh-uh.

"Cut these for me plea– oh" she didn't finish her sentence, instead of cutting off herself when I raise the disgusting greens and reds and yellows in the air and slice them up with swift air slashes.

"Thank...you? Well there's something else you'll have to help me with~"

"Aw naw! Mom!"

That's how most of my days start with, or what seems to be similar to it. Surrounded with love and care, and I wish for nothing more for this lone werewolf life.

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