Selena Anastasya [English Version] Book

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Selena Anastasya [English Version]


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Selena, a poor girl with her affectionate attitude and gentle nature. Because of her figure like that, she was able to ensnare the two handsome men who were targeted by the girls at her school.   Faced with a choice between the two men in her life, Selena was unable to choose. Between Lucas; his cool but kind senior, or Andre; his kind but jealous little friend?   Hope, disappointment, heartbreak, and despair, is a steep path that will accompany every step of the girl.   Will Selena be able to endure the rigors of the life she will meet?   Will Selena be able to grasp her hopes for those she trusts?   Will Selena be able to keep her love for the one man who won her heart? Find me on Instagram @angelagardenia08


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