Reviews of Seeking the Dao in the Seemingly Mundane Mortal World


Seeking the Dao in the Seemingly Mundane Mortal World

Ji Cha

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Hey WebNovel, how about finishing all the existing stories you picked up earlier, before you start translating new novels. In the last year you dropped like 5 or 6 popular novels which were completed for 50-70% Seriously, whats the point for me to buy premium for this novel or other, if in the end you are going to drop it midway? I'd much more prefer if I can get 6 chapters daily from one novel, instead of 2 chapters from 3 novels. I'd even pay some money since its that what you are after, but like don't even think about getting a dolla from me before you pick up the novels you dropped and finished the existing translations. But if you still try to take new novels, at least pick up something good. Or else you will loose majority of your readers. You will not get any profit like this, c'mon, WebNovel dawg, you can get 1 dollar from 100000 average readers or 10 dollars from 100 rich readers, its obvious which is more profitable. You get my idea, right? Guys please like this comment so that webnovel will hopefully see it and finish the existing translations ASAP before switching to new books.

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Is it me or does the cover look life a face? Kind of scared me there.


Name: 问道红尘/Seeking the Dao in the Seemingly Mundane Mortal World Rating: 9.1(143) Status: 1190(Completed) Start Date: 2019-03-01 Author no. of books: 2 Achievements: 300,000 collections.


Excellent work. Almost perfect in my opinion. It has almost everything I wanted in a novel. Very philosophical work. Op (not too much that the story gets boring) mc. Very well connected plot. Mc has moral which a lot of novels don't. Realistic so that means you won't be finding girls falling in love with a single look that you often find in harem plots.


I rarely give more than 4 stars on this 60 chapters novels' previews... But I quite like this one. The MC is a true common petson wich reincarnated on another world but is not dump, dense, a ladies man or a sociopath. The side characters are multidimensional and had their own interesting personalities. There's some cultivation clichés but they are managed very well. Overall I hope this one gets pick bybthe editors because it is a not so hidden gem.


This is the strongest first 60 chapters I have ever read in a Chinese webnovel. It does a brilliant job of setting up the story, and I strongly recommend anyone check this one out. It's a shockingly impressive beginning.


This is an amazing story.... it feels alive unlike many others. Have you read a great book before? Like a book by Brandon Sanderson or someone similar? You see when you read their books you feel that their characters are alive... living and breathing and here the characters are just as alive, they almost come to life on text and paper. Through what we’ve seen so far they seem way better characterized than any book currently in the trial read and even on the entire platform! It’s hard to come up with a book to match up with its characterization. It’s these living characters that make this an amazing book to read. If I’m forced to put it in words it’s kind of like Kingdom’s bloodline in the way that the plot seems extremely well put and is thought ahead by the author although of course it isn’t as deep in politics and consequences as that monster of a novel which you should really read if you haven’t, but still it’s a very well thought book by the author here, you really can just tell by reading it that the author is certainly very skilled and well it certainly deserves a lot of praise from me at least. Okay now onto the second part of my review, let me address some of the issues... I guess firstly I think some people here worry if there’s a romance involved or even if there’s a harem so yeah let me disappoint those of you who don’t want any romance at all by saying yes there’s a romance, and well it’s a good one at least so don’t run away just yet. It’s a mutual thing, the romance; it’s grown in the story and well the Mc and female character let’s say is very compatible for one another and although I haven’t read into the raws I am fairly certain there won’t be any harem. If there is one I’ll be disappointed a little bit but still if the author can make it work I’ll be alright with it. Besides the romance which may put off some of you readers really this novel doesn’t have any major flaws. It’s fairly refreshing to the cultivation genre; it doesn’t share the many clichés of its many generic and boring fellow counterparts and well it’s intriguing and exciting which is very hard to achieve, well hard to find at least here on webnovel. So yeah as you can see from this long rambling review I really like this novel. It’s interesting, engaging and well just very exciting to read! You actually care about the people here and well goddamn if that isn’t amazing. Really try it! I swear to God you won’t regret it too much at least; I give my Cat King promise on that. So go on my fellow reader and thank you for reading this damn long winded review.


This is f#cking amazing, the characters are actually f#king three dimensional and this is by far the f#cking best novel of the current trial reads. Just by the first sixty chapters I've gotten invested, grown to love the characters and have gotten to enjoy their goddamn relationships and character dynamics. So yes this is f#cking good and you should read it! Fight me.


One of the best cultivation novels here. It has depth, the characters are great, and there was so much plot in just sixty chapters. Highly recommend to every ***** reader


this has a slower, plodding but unrelenting, pace, giving it time to develop a unique MC with a calm philosophical bent. most MC's strive-for power or their philosophy is based on overcoming hardships. this MC is a true philosopher. no libido dominandi. no Wille zur Macht. refreshing.


Great novel! This novel is the most immerive novel I have ever read. The character has both viewpoints of a Mortal and immortal. With politics and logic it makes it so much more realistic, immersing yourself in the helplessness of how tragic the outcome fates give to you and unresigned, you would fight against that fate.


this shit is amaze balls. basically the og of xianxia literture, before isekai and systems became popular when all mcs had was no plot armor, reasonable personalities, and a magical grandpa who teaches them shit.


Only three this week?


The character developements are fun and kinda makes sense. The romance, altough awkward from the start, gradually becomes quite realistic adding to the fact that they are each others first love. The fight scenes are enough to give us action; not too much that it takes over the story which is "Seeking the Dao". There are things that the MC realises and they are applicable too. Not much is revealed because the MC is still in the Novice Village but some World Backround are well thought.


Really nice story till now nice settings and the side characters have a sense of presence. unlike most cultivation novels where the side characters only job is to make noise and serve as a foil to the greatness of the mc. Here every one is their own person World background and setting though generic is pretty decent. MC's personality is also a happy-go-lucky-and-I-don't-give-a-damn-about-the-world and likable overall really liked the story and the first antagonist presented is also decent-ishh (ok he is just a crappy old man) Anyways it's a good novel so check it out.


Seriously, this novel is outrageously good. The author clearly sets up the story and his characters, it introduces serious challenges that make the characters question their paths. In a way it is like "Way of Choices", except all of the characters have serious obstacles put in their way that make them waver. Very very good stuff.


This is a transmigration story like others before where the MC takes over a body and has a knowledgeable spirit master to help guide him to cultivate. The interesting and enjoyable part of this story for me is where the MC takes a backseat and is more like an observer as the plot unfolds around him. The author does an excellent job of highlighting characters around the MC and provide very reasonable points of views for all the characters, even the villains. There are no young master drama, face slapping or unnecessary killing. SPOILER: I completed reading the raws for this story. After the wonderful first volume/arc, the story tanks for me. It becomes a harem focused, women chasing drama with all beauties (15+ ish) falling for the MC as he explore the world and gets involve with their dramas. The MC even gets his master, his personal disciple and her aunt, his not blood related sister and her master, etc... you get the point. The author admits at the end of the story that he made the change due to low subscriptions from the first arc and doubled the subscriptions after focusing on the harem, which is too bad because this could have been a unique and interesting story.


Really unexpected, I'm not really into reading to all the details and stuff of a novel so the rating i gave was just based off my enjoyment of this novel, Its been really interesting so far and i dont think there's any translation issues, no faceslapping, not many dumb side characters, im really hoping that mc doesnt get a harem but i guess i'd be ok with it, thanks for the novel mr translator, please keep up the goodwork


Yes this is a Good book... it has non cliche charcters and a interesting world here whIch is a rare thing here on webnovel at least from my experience but Yeah this novel really deserves way more attention than what it’s receiving right now and well it will be a terrible shame for it to not be picked.


holy sheetttt what a good novel. no so cliche development. and the romance not too rushed but can still be better. hope this can be picked alongside I am not a son of providence