1 Chapter 1


A 19-YEAR old girl came out from her car as she takes off her shades. She looked bad at the motorcycle rider who's not even wearing a helmet . She glanced at her Benz and brought back her eyes at the guy who, obviously, bumped her car.

The guy smirked with his smug face. He even passed his palm over his black hair while looking at him.

"Sorry, Miss. Your car stopped suddenly. It was too late for me to stop but atleast you're not hurt, right?" He said it with an accent. The guy is obviously a Fil-Am. He's the type of bad guy she likes but she doesn't want this guy. He looks like he came from a hot, rough fuck.

"So it's my fault, huh?" The bitchy tone in her voice made shiver through his spine.

"Fiesty. Wanna fuck?" He said it with a husky voice. The girl, Elyse Stone, smiled seductively. She walk towards the man.

"Stone Hotel. Don't worry, I'll catch up." The man immediately put on his helmet and stepped on the motorcycle as Elyse said that.

"By the way, what's your name?" Elyse asked before he starts his motorcycle.

"Harris Bailey, babe. Just Harry." He winked at her and started the engine. He did not even bother to wear his helmet.

As soon as the lights went green, he drove the motorcycle to the road to the Stone Hotel where Elyse's family owned it.

Elyse smirked. She wore her shades and got on her car. Her driver started driving on the way to her cousin. She's not in the mood to go to school. She took off her phone and dialed the police hotline.

"This is Elyse Stone. A fucker called Harris Bailey bumped into my Benz and even asked me to fuck with him. He's in Stone Hotel right now. Please take that fucker with you." She immediately hanged up the call and leaned at the headrest.

Right now, she knew polices are now on the way to that fucker. Why? Simple, connections.

A MALE sophomore student from Steinfield University hurried down to the office of the SSG President. It carried the paperworks that the Pres needs to sign.

"Sorry!" He said when he bumped onto someone. He didn't saw who he bumped inyo because he was over in a hurry.

All he know was she bumped into a girl with her signature violet hair. He stopped and thought of something but he just shrugged and continue running.

'That's impossible. I know unnie is at their school.'

When he got the the SSG President's office, he called him so the Pres looked at him. He just nodded at the sophomore boy.

"Thank you. Just put it at the other table." Red nodded, the sophomore, and put the paperworks on the other table.

Steinfield University is a restricted school for boys only. Women and others cannot passed through the gate. Some only got their pass because of connections or because they relatives studying at Steinfield University.

The students, especially the President of Steinfield University, are super busy because of the continuous upcoming events of their school. So each one of the students are given tasks to do before the events, no one is exempted.

A series of notification bells on phones and laptops were received by students inside the SSG office, except for the President. Some stood up like they won the lottery while others had their eyes widened and not being able to process.

"Wow! It's Elyse!"

"Man, she's hot!"

"Who's the jerk that bumped her car?"

"Hey guys, let's go beat that jerk!"

"I hope she's fine."

"Wait, she's here?"

All of them immediately got out of the office without asking permission from the SSG President. Obviously eager to see that almost Hollywood star Elyse Stone. Yes, she's this popular among boys. All of them are updated of Elyse's life but him, Hank Collins.

Hank sighed and removed his eyeglasses. Then, he massaged his temple. Nope, his eyes are not poor, it's just something special that he received from someone.

'Damn crazy boys.'

He messed with his black hair and shook his head because of the madness of his comrades.

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