Seducing Him, And Fell in Love Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Seducing Him, And Fell in Love

Saviour Ibok

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  • 70 Chs

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My name is Zara and I've just been hired to seduce and get pregnant for one of the wealthiest men in the country. How do I start? ... Zara is approached by Aaron Sebastian with an insane offer to seduce and get pregnant for his step-brother Andrew Sebastian. At first, Zara declines but with her increasing need of money, she finally agrees. However, the problem is that Andrew is a man who never smiles, speaks or get around women and that seems like an uphill task. But, Zara is determined to do her job. Things go south when she discovers a terrible family secret that eventually puts her life in danger. But, she cannot stop. she has to find out why the family is so bent of getting Andrew to have a child. These secrets puts her on the run. will she escape or will the forces that seek to bury the secrets overwhelm her?