Seduce the hero's mother (GL) Book

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Seduce the hero's mother (GL)


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I am reborn as a minor character and the mother of the main character, the deposed ruler Leriana Ashford. My husband's younger brother will stage a rebellion against him, and only my young children will manage to escape. And the unfortunate Queen Leriane faces a bleak end. According to the plot, my heroine will sacrifice her life during the rebellion to save her children. Except she won't! Dying at twenty-seven is too soon for me and I'm going to change the tragic plot of this novella. I was lucky enough to be reborn ten years before the events of the novel began. At a time when the future King Philip and his brother Razor had just fallen in love with me at the Royal Academy, and their fight for me led to a feud. To survive - I decided not to become queen and live a quiet life with my father the Duke. And in order to rid myself of these two, I had to go to extreme measures. I decided to start dating the daughter of the cursed Duke, who is feared and hated by the entire academy.