Olahraga Kompetisi
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What is SEDOT WC PASAR KEMIS WA 082112224370

Read ‘SEDOT WC PASAR KEMIS WA 082112224370’ Online for Free, written by the author Anindia_Safitri, This book is a Olahraga Kompetisi Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: WA 082112224370


WA 082112224370

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Cyrus stepped to the edge of the cliff, and stared out at the expanding forest of pines far below. Their swaying tips towered high above the ground, reminding him of an emerald sea. Overhead, a flock of flametail sparrows flitted through the sky, their bright golden feathers catching the light of the sun. He counted fifteen in total before they dove into the canopy of needles, disappearing from his view. He frowned, and eyed the remainder of the woodland valley until his gaze fell upon a column of smoke, rising in rhythmic puffs in the distance. He tensed, his eyes widening in disbelief. Half a year. For half a year, he had traversed this god forsaken land, with no memories of his past, and only a strange amulet to his name. Not once during that time had he crossed paths with another person. Yet there they were, waiting at the bottom of the cliff. A slight breeze carried the scent of cooked meat to his nose. His mouth watered. 'Food. They must have food down there!' Quick on his feet, the young man leapt over the edge, his frayed cloak billowing around him as he hurtled towards the ground. Below, the pine trees rushed to meet him, their outstretched branches intertwining to form a bed of needles. Cyrus grinned, his heart racing. The familiar warmth of his magic flowed through his veins, accompanied by the soft whisper of the forest. Ten meters remained... Then five... One... … Son of Root is a story about a young man whose lost his memories, and possess nothing more than a strange amulet from his past. It will follow his journey across the lands of Arkendol, where the practice of magic is forbidden and those who wield it are feared. From the shadowy depths of this land, a deadly illness rises, brought forth by those who wish to see the downfall of its inhabitants. Who are these strange beings, and why do they seem to know Cyrus. The one they call Treeborn.

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Delyth; The girl who took her power as a beautiful young lady for granted. The girl who would use her looks to get what she wanted, to be able to get away with things she shouldn't be able to. Sylvie; The girl who took her anger out on the innocent, the girl who didn't stop to appreciate what was giving her fresh air to breathe. Vaan; The boy who was too reckless to see the big picture, too reckless to comprehend the real meaning to not be scared of death, too reckless to care for other's well-being. Solon; The boy who used his intelligence as a weapon. The boy who instead of using his mind to help society, used it for his own gain. Those are all completely different people. But if they were really so different from each other then why were they put together to survive in such a situation? How did they even end up in this place? Stuck in a stupid video game. With a system they were yet to understand. A system that would bring back their worst memories and tell them to face it, a system that would force enemies to become frenemies, a system where the only way out and back to having normal lives is by completing challenges and gaining points. Challenges that seem all too targeted against each of them. Little do they know, they were put in this situation for a reason. What is this reason you may ask? Well that's for me to know, and for you to find out. Each character has done something, taken something for granted, something that they will soon come to realize it's real meaning. Their abilities inside of the game each have a meaning, a meaning that might make sense if they knew what each of their names meant. Accompany these four different teenagers as they try to figure out why they were put in this situation and why they're forced to work together despite the tension between some of them. All you need to know is the one thing they all have in common, the reason they are here in the first place is the first message they saw as realization dawned on them as they entered the game. "You're going to have to Face Your Mistakes if you want to make it out of this game alive."

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Melayani Sedot WC 24 JamWa *0821-1222-4370*Tangerang /Jakarta


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