75 Lee Family Auction (1)

The next day, Kai's disciples headed out to the Eastern-Swamp as usual. He had also ordered more alchemy materials so he decided to stay home practice his alchemy until it was time for Mei Lee to arrive.

Today, Kai was able to increase his success rate of making [Basic Healing Pills] up from 5% to 8%. His progress was slow, but he improving which helped to motivate him. Kai would analyze each failure and try to tweak a certain aspect to see what changes it would bring.

This included finding the optimal temperatures, the best ways to stir the concoction, and the best time to put the herbs into the furnace. None of this was detailed in the beginner alchemy scroll so Kai had to go through a lot of trial and error. Kai hoped to increase his success rate to at least 50% before trying to make any other types of pills.


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