Now, i will be explaining the format of my story.

After going premium, i realized that some readers don't like my prologues volume. So, i decided to make a few changes.

I will be writing a summary of the prologues in a while for those who can't handle the heaviness of the volume.

Also, please know that the prologue volume is not important to the story. I created the prologues for context. There would not be many references to the prologues at all.

I can't decide for you, but if you wanna read it, read it. If u don't wanna read it, skip it and just read the summary, that i will write in a while.

The only prologue important is the actual prologue, which is just less than 1000 words 

The summary is down below


SUMMARY(starting from Chapter 3 - It's Time):

Chapter 3: The chapter starts with a cat called, M, waking a young boy waking up from a cryogenic tank in what seemed like a large hall. It is revealed that M is Jake's teacher and Jake had been sleeping in the cryo tank for three years.

It is then told that Jake had been working on a improving a technique called [Zevik Rebirth Scripture] in his spare times. He had devoted his remaining lifespan to work on it. The scripture was made by Master Zero and Mistress Viktoria who are said to have died. However, when they made it, it was not yet complete

Chapter 4: In this chapter, more information on the scripture is given. Another character, Mira, is introduced. Mira is an entity akin to an artificial intelligence. She takes care of the dungeon, the place where the volume is set. 

The Dungeon, also called Dungeon of Miracles, was created by Master Zero and Mistress Viktoria

Chapter 5: The Mantra of Origin is revealed as well as Jake's past antics

Chapter 6: We are told why Jake is wanting to use the scripture. He is dying due to his status as a Son of Chaos, and he need to rebirth using the scripture. Jake starts his rebirth process after he had completed the [Zevik Rebirth Scripture]

In this chapter, it is also revealed that Master Zero was a Son of Chaos, and he died early due to that.

Chapter 6: He is still undergoing rebirth

Chapter 7: He is still undergoing rebirth.

Chapter 8: Jake finishes his rebirth and his new body is as weak, if not more, as a mortal. Following the agreement set by Master Zero and Mistress Viktoria, Jake is sent away by M, and told to climb to the peak if he wants full control of the dungeon

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