Secrets of the First Moon Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Secrets of the First Moon

L. Kunzer

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Arion's pack had one rule above all others to keep them safe: To keep what they were a secret and no romantic relations with humans. To blend safely and avoid the radar of the group hunting them down, they had succeeded in maintaining a position among the villagers. Owen had known Arion for years. Her family supplied the village with meat. Coming into the village less and less over the years, Arion arrives at the yearly festival. When Owen sees her, she is not how he remembered her. As the two visit, they are conflicted with blooming feelings. Though it is forbidden, Arion cannot contain her affection for Owen. On their journey to understand what is happening, many truths and deceptions are exposed. Trying to fight the odds against them, Arion and Owen have life-altering decisions to make. It's now up to them to save the pack from more than just the humans that are hunting them. Secrets of the First Moon is created by L. Kunzer, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.