1 Prologue

♦September's POV♦

I rush downstairs, knowing that if I were late to dinner it would be my head on the platter.

My breath leaves my mouth in relief as I sight the empty table, servants rushing to and fro to prepare, fear clearly written on their faces.

Which wasn't a surprise as anyone with half a brain tried their best to avoid my mom--- who was a crazy vampire with a god complex.

I sit down in my stuffy dinner dress, wishing I could wear something more comfortable, my curly hair in a tight knot atop my head that gave me a killer headache.

The only person who dared confront her was my twin. Placing my head in my hands I struggle to fight back tears, I wonder why I even try.

I've always lived like this in constant fear of my shadow, I'm supposed to be a calm and collected vampire but I'm more clumsy than a human with low self-esteem issues.

I shrink into myself as the rest of my family files in. My dad stiffly kisses my head then goes to take his seat like he'd rather be anywhere else, Cyril, my elder brother settles down his blond hair slicked back, looking quite comfortable in his three piece suit.

Selena is next in pants and a loose fitting top, her hair in a messy pony tail, black tipped fingers flying across her phone.

Mother seats like the queen, her shrewd gaze shredding me looking for a tiny reason to punish me.

I seem to pass the test because she looks away and then announces. "We are moving to the city, Brenton to be precise".

This catches even Selena's attention, "When?" Selena asks... something I could never do.

"In two weeks," She answers dismissively. Father looked bored, we have been living in the Olde Country which is actually an entire continent hidden by powerful magic.

"And you will continue schooling. I don't need to warn you Selena about controlling yourself." She narrowed her eyes at her. "September stop slouching, you look like a sloth." My mother tosses at me and my heart stops in my chest but she seems to be in a good mood as she ignores me once more.

We all go back to eating, no light family banter or happy laughter, sighing once more I get lost in the full moon.

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