Secretly Loved By the Dangerous CEO

[COMPLETE - GOLD WINNER WFP 290] Delilah Farris works with the world's most powerful men to fix their scandals. She has only two rules: She won’t allow any man to look down on her, and she won’t work for a criminal. Dane Daniels is a devilishly handsome, and filthy rich CEO haunted by dark rumors. He has one rule of his own: He will never allow himself to love again. Working closely together, the two struggle to deny their growing feelings for each other even as Dane's dark past threatens deadly consequences. Will Lila stay when she learns loving Dane could cost her her life? Will Dane let her? [WARNINGS FOR: Language, domestic violence, violence, adult sexual situations.]

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A Date with Chris?


The staff meeting was... interesting. The brothers arrived last and all the staff became very quiet the minute Dane stepped into the room. Lila had frowned. Did he really think the best way to keep his staff loyal was to frighten them into it? That may have something to do with why he was being sabotaged. She made a note to ask him about which staff had been reprimanded, or embarrassed.

But as the meeting had gone on, she'd been more and more impressed. Chris handled the outlines of the new staff and the roles Daniels Security would play in their lives. Some were simple event security—making sure the rich and famous made it to their destinations safely, and without being bothered by fans.

Some were daily, home security. Those teams were bigger and more detailed.

Others were strange—operations for the team that weren't explained to the whole staff. Looks were exchanged between Chris and Dane at times, and staff were only told who would be working on it. Debriefings were arranged.

Lila raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything. She couldn't afford to draw attention to it, but made a note to ask Dane later.

"I think that's everything for today," Chris said finally, two hours later. "Anyone have any questions?"

"How's your shoulder?" someone in the back piped up and the entire room burst into laughter. Lila wanted to shrink into the floor.

Chris smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. Dane watched him closely. Lila wished she could get out of the room.

"I, uh, told Mr. Daniels how sorry I am—" she started, intending to let the staff know there was no reason to discuss it further, that she took full responsibility.

But Dane interrupted her with a sharp look. "Yes, yes, we had a misunderstanding yesterday. But I have to tell you all, until you've attained Miss. Farris's level of defense skill, I'd like to see you all back to the weekly classes at the gym. If we learned anything yesterday, it's that any of us can be taken off guard. And in this line of work, we can't afford that. Thursday nights at the gym in the building. You'll get overtime."

Everyone groaned, but they were all distracted. Dane quickly excused them, and started packing up his own files, but he gave her a sidelong look when she stood, so she found a reason to sit down again, pretending there was something on her laptop that needed attention. She stayed seated until the staff filed out and the only people left were her, Dane, and Chris.

When the last of the staff were gone, Dane closed the door behind them and turned back to his brother, his arms crossed over his chest. "Don't," he said, simply.

Chris glowered at him.

Lila looked back and forth between them, then raised her chin. "I just want to repeat how sorry I am—"

"Don't." Dane repeated, this time looking at her.

She stopped talking, but didn't break his gaze.

"I meant what I said. I've been thinking about it. We've become too relaxed. We've been successful and built a reputation because we are more diligent, more attentive than our competition. And I think we've become overly confident." He turned to his brother. "I don't believe she would have caught you so by surprise a year ago. You've relaxed your guard."

Chris's jaw tensed.

"And there shouldn't have been reason for you to feel... under threat in our offices, Delilah," he said. It seemed to take him a moment to meet her gaze again. Lila wondered why. "Can I ask if anything occurred here earlier in the day, or maybe in your previous contacts with the company that left you feeling... uncertain of your safety?"

She blinked and made a split second decision, raising the internal shield she'd learn to develop since she was a child. Forcing her lips to slide up in a wicked smile she tipped her head. "Watching two grown men come to blows—twice—right in front of me doesn't lead a woman to feel like she's in the best hands," she said dryly.

Dane's chin dropped and he frowned at the floor. His shoulders rolled forward as if he were... ashamed? Lila swallowed as Dane looked back up to her, but a shadow passed behind his eyes—the most human and vulnerable expression she'd seen on him yet. And she immediately regretted the words, the attitude she'd given them. She hadn't meant to hurt him. Only to protect herself. She couldn't tell him the truth! And if she tried to dodge the question he wouldn't stop worrying at her until she was forced to tell him.

No, she had to be committed. So she tried to soften the blow. "Don't get twisted up about it, Dane. I'm mostly teasing. It was a long day yesterday and I was tense. I thought he'd left the room. It was just bad timing."

"Who taught you self defense?"

"Del Saito Soke."

Both men blinked. Chris spoke first. "You were trained by Saito Soke?"

She nodded. She'd expected them to know her legendary coach. But she hadn't expected the awe. Neither of them seemed the kind of men to admire others. "I was lucky enough to grow up in his hometown."

They peppered her with questions about her legendary coach until she raised her hands to stop them. "Yes, yes, he's a wonderful man. And he's most of the reason I've built the life I have. But we have more important things to discuss right now. Perhaps we can do this another time? When we aren't at work?" She'd assumed that with these men that time would never come. So it was a shock when Chris immediately broke in with, "How about lunch. Today? I'll pay. It can be my apology for frightening you yesterday, and for the rough start. And you can tell me what you learned. Maybe we can even have you work with some of the staff—?"

"Oh, no, I'm not skilled enough to do that. I was lucky yesterday. Your position, the way your weight was distributed. I got lucky. I'm not nearly skilled enough to—"

"Lunch, let's discuss it over lunch," Chris insisted. "My treat."

Dane tensed and shot his brother a look, but didn't say anything. What could she do? She didn't want to go to lunch with Chris, but if she was going to cover over this and move on . . .

"Okay, then," she said reluctantly. Dane didn't look at her. "Lunch."

"Great, I'll see you at twelve."


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