50 Holding Hands For Eternity


The small child like voice, stopped Wolf in his tracks.This was the first time he had heard his name from her lips.And he felt a sweet and bitter taste in his mouth..Whenever she called the name his parents had given him, she did so with great confidence and entitlement but the name that he had received due to his circumstances as a teenager, she called so timidly. He wanted her to always call him the way she did Yu Seok and this was why he had chosen to not reveal himself.Or she would never share her feelings with him..He had earned her trust as Yu Seok, her friend and now he wanted her love and trust as her husband.

Wolf shook his head at his own ironic thoughts.He wanted love and trust on the basis case identity..He could guess how angry she would be when she discovered the truth but he would look for a suitable time and tell her so that she would not hate him too much..(Author:Wolf, lies are lies..just reveal yourself now and woo her like a man! Wolf:Author-nim? Are you the ML or me?I know how to catch my prey..I mean court my female!You just be careful that nobody else reveals my truth to her or else...)

He turned and went back to the bed..When Xie Eun did not look up again or say anything else,he wondered if he had hallucinated her calling him.Unable to stop himself,he placed a gentle finger under her chin and lifted her face..The tears glistening in her eyes almost brought him to his knees.His frown behind the mask turned fierce and his voice when he talked again came out harsh and rough."Why are you crying?"

This tone startled Xie Eun and she looked up..Finally meeting the eyes of the man,she brought herself together and said,"I want to know everything.Will you tell me?"

Wolf cocked his head at that and pulling the chair near the bed,he sat on it languidly..It seemed the time had come to teach her."What is it that you want to know?"

Xie Eun felt uncomfortablenall over as she feltbtge mans eyes look at her piercingly.She had only now realized that those eyes had an XRay like quality to them.As if this man could see everything in your heart.She realised that he knoew of her lies and yet he had tolerated them and she wanted to know "Why?" But she dare not ask that question,"Why did father force me t marry you?Why does my grandmother hate me?Did father know about this will?Why did he not tell me anything?And what happens now after this will has been done with?Inwant to know everything.."

Wolf smiled at the girl who was speaking nervously and slowly lifter her bandaged hands in his own..Seeing her hands in his,"Xie Eun stuttered to a stop and widened her eyes at Wolf,not sure what to say. She wanted to know if she had angered the man with her blabber or her questions but the silly mask got in the way!

Irritatedbat not being able to look and judge his expression,Xie Eun snapped,"And why are toy wearing a mask?Are you very ugly?Dont worry even if you havena few scars on your face,I won't mind looking!But do I really have to look at Death Vader when I am talking?It is very disturbing!And why are you obsessed with villains?If you really want to wear a mask can you wear something like Zorro?Or a similar one like the handsome Lee Joon Gi is wearing in the Goryeo romance show!?Or even batman is better than this!With the super villains you have on ,I fear seeing Lord Voldemor with no nose or maybe some such character!


That was a rather drastic change in topic...Uhh..with the difficult questions she had put forth, Wolf had been wondering how to distract her but she seemed to have drastically distracted herself...Well..He was used to her ways as Yu Seok but as his Wolf persona, he was at a loss at what to do so he just sat there holding her hands while Xie Eun continued to frown at him..It was only after a few minutes of silence that Xie Eun realised that he was still holding her hands and thought that she needed to remind him to let go of her hand because he seemed to have forgotten he was holding it...She had an inkling that if she let him hold her hands,he would keep on holding them till eternity...

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