Secret Love of A School's Heartthrob Book

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Secret Love of A School's Heartthrob


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Meet Evan Livares - the heartthrob of Gledville High School. He has it all - looks and brains; a taekwondo black belt; a good family background; leader of the school's Cadet Force; the school's star basketball player; and all these traits embedded with his good personality. He is the dream guy of many girls. Wherever he goes, it would become a scenic spot! Thus, he is nicknamed the school's 'Prince Adonis.' One glance and it seems like he doesn't lack anything. Not to mention that many girls would die to date him! But... Who would have thought that this Prince Adonis is helplessly stuck in a secret love for years? On top of that, the girl in question is taken! Whenever his gaze lands on this girl, he would see her next to another guy who is breathtakingly handsome just like him! What will happen to his secret love?? Note: All places, characters, and incidents in this novel are fictional Disclaimer: I do not own the cover photo. It is uploaded from another source and all rights are credited to the real owner.


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