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Secret Agents


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Lin Yu Qi is a student in the shaolin cadet in the empire city. She is known as a girl advanced and in the duality of martial art and the great use of weapons. she has successfully portrayed her intelligence as a female leader spy by bringing down criminals while being undercovered. she studied and graduated as the best student for the use of advanced technologies and weapons The shaolin cadet is known for keeping geniuses and it is basically meant for spies. Lin Yu Qi is being categorized among the best leader for her team of five girls named Mo Yu Rou, Li Caihong, Racheal Kim, Li Anni, and Lin Yu Qi herself. These five girls displaying different talents. Mo Yo Rou is best known for her athletic skills, well that only in races, hurdles, basketball, and Martial arts, this leading to her increase in agility,or more like during cases she tends to be the one to escape problems the most, Li Caihong is best known for her scientific intelligence as she creates weapons when there is a reason to do so, Li Anni though she displays lots of childish behavior she is known for her splendid talent in hacking alongside with Mo Yo Rou but is the best at sneaking, while Li Yu Qi the s known as the leader of the squad as she displays her brilliance in weaponry, martial arts and computer science and Rachel Kim is good with gun as she is the best sniper


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