1 Do you think we can bring back our dead love ones back to life?

"I'll be your man, I won't let you go anymore, I can't live without you, Please come back to me.."

Part 1

Taya,Guy 1, Ms.Madden,Cashier

-Taya: do you think we can bring our dead love ones back to life?-

October 26, 2017 4:18 pm

Today is a rainy sunday afternoon. I took my umbrella and decided to head outside. As soon as i went out a strong wind blews. "Oh shi- not today." I said as i look at my wet drained clothes. I felt lazy to go back inside our house so i didn't hesistate to go with my plan. I went to the nearby library to buy some books i can read. I entered it and the librarian greet me. "Oh Taya you're here again." Ms. Madden said. "Yes i am.. and today I'm looking for somewhat mysterious or scary book like a story about witchcraft or like bringing dead back to life." "u-uhm.. " "Do you have a book like that?" I said. She didnt answer me but instead she pull me into a "authorized person only" room.

I watch as she open it and said. "W-why are we here?" Again she didnt response. She motioned me to come inside and closes the door. There was a pile of books hangging around the room. "Stay there I'm going to find the book you are looking for." "O-okay." "And don't touch any books from here." She said and i nod at her. After a little while she came back to me with a thin book. "Here." She said and give me the book. I chuckled a little and said. "Its so thin what am i gonna do with it?" "Take it.. and when you're going to read it dont tell anyone about it." "Why?" "Just do it or else its a risk for you." She said and opens the door. I put the book on my bag and we both head outside of that room. "Don't tell anyone where and who did you get that book from. Got it?" "Y-yes." I said. I head outside the library and went to the convinience store to buy some ready to cook dinner for me and my grandma.

"Good evening welcome to 11/7." The cashier said. I bowed at her and go to the ready to cook food area. I take my grandma's favorite mac and cheese and tonkatsu with rice. As i was getting the food i remember to buy some snacks and drinks too. I look at the shelf and realize that my favorite snack is in the top shelf. "Oh no.." i jumped many times but it didn't work. "I gave up." I said and was about to pay when i felt a tap on my shoulders. "Miss, i saw you struggling with getting this earlier so.. here" a guy said and give me the snack i wanted to get. "Thank you... " i said shyly. He smiled at me and leave. I went to the cashier and pay for what i bought. "Is this all?" "Yes." "It'll be 85 pesos." She said and i gave her the exact amount. She gave me my things and was about to leave when. "Miss, miss i think this is yours." The cashiier lady said and give me a handkerchief. "U-uhm.. this is not mi-" she cut of my words by putting the handkerchief in my hands and head back to the cashier station. I look at the handkerchief and realize that its from the guy who helped me earlier. "Where in the world am i gonna find him." I said disappointedly and went back home.

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