Second Life's Revenge Book

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Second Life's Revenge


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===== "What do you have to say for yourself, sister?" Tine Alvarado looked down at the small girl whose body was covered with scars. The small girl looked at her hands trembling while all eyes were on her. She didn't understand why this was happening to her, nor didn't understand how this all happened. "It's not my fault." "Laura Alvarado the jury has decided to execute you as you have attempted to murder your own sister who is the fiancee of the second prince. And hereby you are found guilty and the court shall be adjourned." Just like that her life had ended after being falsely accused. Not until she had gone back to life. A second chance to live. And her second life's revenge. ===== NOTE: HEAVY EDITING WILL BE DONE ONCE IT IS COMPLETED. Will be updating 1 chapter a day. Commissioned from Lay_lee


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