74 40 |Epilogue|


"You're really not my master?" Arina asked while making her move on the chessboard. 

"At times like this, I really wonder what's between your ears," he drawled sardonically. "If I am really your master, do you think you can get away with hitting me or bossing me around?"

He did have a valid point, Arina thought. Even though Carlisle was always teasing her with his sharp tongue, he really was very patient with her. No matter what she wanted, even without her mentioning, he would give it to her. He sometimes smiled gently at her, not the fake gentle ones, but the real ones which made her felt... loved? She shook her head, what was she thinking. There was only one reason why he treated her this way. 

"If I am not your pet bird, why are you treating me so well?" 

His hand froze midway, holding a marble piece on top of the chess board. 


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