Searching for the kidnapped detective Book

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Searching for the kidnapped detective


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Derrick His brother Johnson went to the hypermarket in Kericho town, to buy Christmas gifts for their girlfriends, while they were shopping around they heard someone shouting "Everyone lie down!" The gang shouted. Johnson hearing that, looked in the direction where the gang was. He heard another order from the gang "Lie down!" The gang ordered again. "let's go down your face on the floor!" Johnson instructed Derrick. Quickly they lay down. "Don't look at them you will risk your live" Johnson advised Derrick. They lay on the floor other people shopping were all on the floor. "You bring that man with the purple jacket it Johnson" Benjamin one of the gang leaders instructed. Johnson heard the familiar voice, and what followed, he heard steps coming towards him, he didn't raise his head to see them, but he was dragged on the floor towards the inlet of the hypermarket to the car. He realized everything was not well. "Take the gift to Becky and tell her I love her very much!" Johnson said as he was dragged to the car. The people lay down for hours thinking that the gang was still around Derrick was very frightened. The police arrived found people still on the floor lying. "Everyone can you stand!" Police shouted. People hearing the police all stood and they felt secure. Derrick went towards the police. "Yes, what can I do for you," Police asked. "My brother Johnson has been kidnapped," Derrick said. "Can you accompany me to the police station?" police said. The police checked around the hypermarket they realized that nothing has been stolen. "Sir the gang didn't take anything holding their guns ready to shoot," Policemen said. "I think it was a kidnapping incident," Derrick said. "Let's go to