24 Chapter 24: Face slapping (2)

Marvin was about to enter the main building of the school; However, a group of well-dressed boys and girls appeared out of the other corner!

"I can never understand why a rank-1 rubbish like you with no ability is doing in this school meant for ability users!" Kira, the speed type Ability user shouted at Marvin.

"Boss, go get him!" The rank-3 bullies ring was starting to feel excited at the mere thought of abusing Marvin. They knew that Marvin Quinn had no abilities while they had one. Furthermore, they wanted to take a turn in beating him, hence they sent Krillin out first.

"It's Krillin and his gangs; these bastards are finally here!" Marvin's lips curled into a thin and murderous smile. He knows that Guard Yang works for the bullies and he also knows that his arrival will be notified to the bullies.

Although he was surprised that they will start the fight right in the open but it was all in his favor. 'I have underestimated their boiling anger but they haven't even considered mine!'

They were angry because Bai Yue injured them but Marvin was even more furious than them. These bastards dare to hurt his treasure! Not even God can save them for his wrath.

Krillin came rushing at Marvin and stopped some feet away. He watched the prey carefully and suddenly a smile formed on his face. According to his Power level detection skill, Marvin was only rank-1 trash. How could he have known that Noah had hidden Marvin's true strength so that it can see some face slaps!

"I still can't believe that you will dare to show up to school today. Last time, you took at least a couple of days off. Looks like you no longer fear me!" Krillin said.

"Too bad, you missed your chance to beat me in a coma and now, you will never be able to!" Marvin spat out with a laugh. Last time, he was beaten so badly that he had to stay in ICU to recover otherwise, why would he need to take leave from school?

"You... what's the reason for your confidant?" Krillin was surprised but he didn't let it affect him.

"Why don't you try to find out?" Marvin extended his middle finger at the dumb kid and kept on waving it back and forth.

That immediately angered the bully who was used to crushing the weak under him. Three of Krillin's friends surrounded Marvin from all sides while Maria and the bullied students stood by the side.

He gazed left and right and continued, "You weak piece of garbage! Bai Feng isn't here to protect your ass. Little coward, you have no place to run and hide yet you still angered me? Are you tired of living?" Krillin shouted. This time, he used his Earth-type ability to create a defensive armor around his body before jumping at Marvin while swinging a fist at his face.

Magic empowered Martial arts!

Suddenly, Marvin felt that Magic power has melded with his bones, enhancing his physical capabilities and senses. 

'Why's he so slow?'

In his eyes, Krillin was slower than an ant. 'I didn't use time halt yet he is still so slow. I can probably stab him tens of times but that will cause a mess. I still can't afford to offend the Gerald Family but... I will do them a favor and teach their son a lesson!' He thought with a smile.

Then as the fist was gonna make contact with Marvin, he pretended to fall to the left and evaded the punch by a single inch. Moreover, he extended his right leg at the right moment and hit Krillin's ankle, causing him to fall off balance and crash face-first on the ground.

"Ahhhhh!" His nose and teeth broke after his face smashed on the rocky ground, blood rushed out dying his lips and the collar of his shirt scarlet.

The way Krillin has fallen over the ground was seducing Marvin to do something he always wanted to do. Krillin's butt was arched upwards while his face ate dust. The rocky armor Krillin wore covered most of his body except the face, joints, and the private region with a hard surface. His armor didn't cover his joints with metal; For the sake of increasing the body movement. The only way to deal a lot of damage to him was to attack his nuts!

"You are too noisy!" Marvin said, in the very moment, he harshly kicked at his exposed and defenseless groin.

Crack! The sound of something cracking echoed in the ears of everyone present, followed by a painful howl.

"Ahh..." A seething pain traveled from Krillin's private path and cruised all over his body as if he got shocked by electricity.

In this frigid environment, he felt hot as blood rushed to his brain and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, seemingly falling unconscious.

‹Ding! Congratulations Host for successfully face slapping Krillin!›

‹Ding! You have obtained 10 System store credits. Keep up the good work!›

Right then, Marvin heard Noah's mechanical words, notifying him of successful face slapping. He couldn't believe that he could gain system credits by cracking someone's ball. 'Well, I don't want to believe that cracking someone's ball is the main reason otherwise, I will have to crack the balls of every man I face!' Marvin insidiously thought!

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