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forbidden feeling? (+17)

(this chapter for degenerates, proceed with caution~)

a whole pregnancy length later (aka 9 months)

a boy with black hair and blue eyes is seen doing one hand standing push up


"huff ..huff ..huff" Hei dong breathed deeply trying to collect the fresh air in his home

< congratulations father, there is no abnormalities after forcibly opening the 54 special entrance that father's has > Charlotte said in her 11 years childish voice

"ugh, it's was hellish!" he complained, the pain from destroyed the opening using gamma rays was no less than the previous one, he almost got numb to it,

< on the positive side, father's pain tolerance become high enough that you can handle torture for virtually forever > he said with irony

"I didn't know you gain ability to to be sarcastic.."

< nor I was supposed to, but the integration to father's mind and the effects of profound energy may caused some side effects >

".. enough of that..for now anyway, show me my status" he muttered, he decided to think latter of the implications of his AI daughter to gain emotions and put it the back of his mind

< Roger >


name: Xiao Hei Dong

age : 11 (100)

cultivation : 1st elementary realm

bloodline: human

physique : none

soul : mortal

profound energy : 1

physical strength : 2

mentally strength : 3

spiritual strength : 5

profound arts : none

opened entrances (new) : 54

(stats based on environment, may change respectively)


in the past 9 months, Hei dong focused his attention on breaking his blocked entrances, while giving energy to Charlotte to function, so that meant he didn't improve his realm, until recently, but it was worth it!

"unreal..." he hold his fist tight, for the first time, the energy he collected didn't go to the former blocked entranced, but revolved around his body, giving him an unexplainable feeling

"...that's why cultivator are so addicted to cultivation, the feeling of entering a new realm is almost orgasmic!" Hei dong said fully breathing in the profound energy, he speed is incomparable to the others around him!

"how much profound energy boost my strength?"

< around 10% increase >

"not much...but well, it's just literally the first level so I can't complain.." he said to himself

"breakfast is ready! little Hei!" he then heard his mother entering his room without knocking, again

"mother, why you never knock?" he ask despite knowing the answer

"mother privilege!~" she said while giggling but looking at his form, he was chest naked, full of sweat, because of profound energy, humans in this world is much rigours and have much endurance even if they can't cultivate, but they never took advantage of that, that why cultivator seems all fragile

but Hei dong had the scientist mentality, so he fully take advantage of that, and with Charlotte giving him a perfect schedule that fit to his body (300 situps,300 push up,300 squats, and 30 km run, every single day!)

so despite him only 11, he matured to be looks like 14 years old, having matching height of his mother (160cm), while he can't be called a professional body lifter, but the muscles were visible and very noticeable, the blush on his mother face was enough indicator , to say the least

'mother privilege my ass, you just want to look at me!' he thought with amused thought, and he would be right, cultivators rarely train their body, and the when they do, they tend to have overly bulky figure that's tend to have disadvantages alot more,

Xiao Ling's passed husband was no exception, she was introduced to him, by her adopt father, and he was decent enough in this cruel world, so she married him, but he was too kind of his was good, almost naive, he didn't have second thought of saving lady Xia , and costs him his life, she would resented him if she wasn't independent, and can take of herself and her children

but that's also created a problem, she is very sexually frustrated!, 'I have my needs ok?!' she thought, but she wasn't interested in having random affairs, and this world doesn't have the concept of toys, she she can only use her fingers, which isn't enough clearly

usually such frustrating easily surpassed, by clearing the mind and cultivation, well, until her child came to the picture...

Hei dong...is a bit weird, to her at least, until recently he was gloomy and shallow, usually looking at the sky , as if he missing something,part of him, until recently, he suddenly lightened up!, he actively asking questions and smiling more , she didn't know the reason, but she was immediately happy, her children is her world.

later, Hei dong explain to her about some dreams he has, but immediately forgot about them and only remember part of them, this manifest in the different foods recipes he gave her, she suspect this some vision from previous life he had, the concept of reincarnation isn't unusual in this world, but it's unheard of, so she didn't think much about it, but these recipes was immediate success in her restaurant, which was already popular in the city, but it's exploded making it the best restaurant in floating cloud city

and despite him not actively showing it, he is incredibly mature, the evidence is the difference between him and his twin sister, who is energetic and cheerful, he is calm and collected, despite that, he showed the shared of finding cultivation fascinating in children

that's another thing that shocked her, she thought he was crippled for good, yet in the passing months, his profound entrances opened up to reach his sister level! this made them both very happy, as now he isn't crippled anymore, this also give hope for her adopted nephew, Xiao che who decided to focus on studying medicine

but her ordeal became when he begin training, she felt weird because non of his training method are known, she assumed it's one of unusual dreams, so she didn't dwell over it, and didn't expect much to happen, but reality Hit her, when just under less than year, his body changed, he grows up... deliciously


it's started few days ago, she knocked the door of his room but didn't answer, she casually opened up to see him naked after a long training, while she saw him daily, he was wearing clothes, well a weird clothes designs in her opinion, but that was his personal request from the tailor, but her he was naked, taking a bath, for couple seconds she was frozen

"mother?" Hei dong asked, it's was unusual for her not to knock, but he shurgged, and didn't mind seeing him naked, she is his mother right? it should be normal.., well not this time apparently

"huh?" she woke up upon feeling her head itch, she looked to say him close to her, "what the matter mother, you look.. unusual?" he raised an eyebrow

"m-mother is fine! it's just... little Hei, you have grown... alot..." she put her hands on his chest feeling it, moving to his stomach feeling the already visible abs

feeling her... unusual touch, Hei dong was abit startled, his lower friend, became a bit excited

"..especially this part..." she moved her hands to the little friend


upon touching the awakening dragon, he groaned, "... mother...are you in your right mind?" he said, feeling incredibly good

"hushh..let me do this.. little Hei..." she put her finger on his mouth..."besides...I know you are more mature than you give...so it's totally your choice to stop me... mother only wants your happiness..." she said sensually

he looked at his mother, he would be lying if he didn't say he felt something towards her, while he loves her as the woman who raised him, he can't see her as his mother, as his considered the real one the one who died in WW3 along his father

"does that feel good, baby?" she whisper , stroking his fully erect dragon, a mighty 18 cm, "who knew you packing this bad fella~ a few months ago it's was cute, now I can hold it in both hands and there still some space...

"it does feel good mother..." Hei dong said, he usually doesn't like to be passive, but he felt to give it to Xiao ling this time and enjoy the feeling

"yes... leave it to mother.." she sit down on the bed putting his head on her lap, while freeing her robe for her upper chest, "would you like to feel something nostalgic?" she said, he nodded, and put her erected nipple in his mouth while playing with the other

"hng~yes! suck your mother's breasts!" she moaned while increasing her pace, this results for him to gasp and gently bitten her nipple


"I'm close, mother..." he said while switching between her boobs!

"yes! give me your vital sperm!" she said, increasing her pace , and after a dozen seconds he exploded coating her hand with kingdom come

"haah, haah" he sighed in satisfaction

she licked her coated fingers, while she didn't finish, her frustration was lowered enough for her to be happy, besides seeing her boy satisfied face give her massive pleasure

"delicious~" she said, "come to me anytime you feel uncomfortable, little Hei" she smiled like a loving mother, despite what she did isn't motherly at all

"thanks mother." he smiled and put clothes on, normal pants and shirt

"little Hei...do you find your mother degenerate..." she said with bitter expression

"I do." he nodded, causing her to show a bitter smile, of course he did..,"..but..I'm degenerate too, because I enjoy it, and want it again...so screw everybody who have a problem with that." he said with a smile,

Xiao ling smiled brightly but said, "... since we are on this subject... what about little ming?" she asked

he sighed, "so you know too?"

she snorted, "of course I'm her mother, her sneaky glances won't trick anyone" he smiled wryly,"the fact she is training with you is enough proof" she said, Xing Ming did train with him, thinking it was fun, today was early training he did on his own early

"well, what you suggesting doing about it?" byhe asks, "you should accept her" his mother said

"maybe she is confused..?" he asks, but Xiao ling shaked her head , "I talked to her... she really wants to be with you..."

"11 years old and yet already in love.." he shake his head and sighs, "let the future decided it..I'm not against it..but we don't want any regrets..." he said

Xiao ling smiled,. "that we don't.., besides, cultivation can fixed any... unusual problem that might occur considering you are..twins,"

"yeah.." that's why he isn't against it, while it's rare, it's not frown upon this kind of relationship, not in a world where benefits came first before even family anyway

"well I must go, I'll give you something more in the future ~" she winked and left the room moving her peach ass seductively

"my mother is vixen..." he sighed and continue his day in high spirit...


"you look so delicious, little hei~" she said while licking her lips, but before anything the door opened again

"little Hei, wake up!!" a blooming girl of 155 cm of height entered, looked like 14 years old, very beautiful, but still has much to develop, yes Xing Ming also grow up like him, while she his less muscle and more curves , "let's eat breakfast and begin training!" she said in joy, "hmm, mother? are you joining us?"

"fufu, no~ let's get together down and eat~" she giggled and the trio left and room to the dinning room in harmony...