83 Chapter83-The Saint and Saintess of the Sea Race

"Ah, Saint Your Highness, please hold on a moment. Although I permit you to enter Heartstealer Island, there are a few conditions I must set," Godwin extended his hand, signaling Owen to sit down.

"Please speak, Grandmaster Godwin," Owen knew that the crucial part was coming.

"There's only one condition: you cannot participate in the contest for the Heart of the Ocean," Godwin stated, his tone serious and earnest.

Owen fell into silence. 

His very purpose for visiting Heartstealer Island was to seek the Heart of the Ocean. 

If he couldn't partake in its contest, what was the point of going to the island? Could he not strive to break through the grandmaster-tier elsewhere?

Godwin leisurely sipped his wine, observing Owen's expression, feeling an immense weight in his heart.

"Dragons are indeed lucky to have a saint of such depth and cunning. The prosperity of dragons seems promising!" He mused inwardly.


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