75 Chapter75-Heart of the Ocean in Heartstealer Island

"Good to know," Berkeley said with an icy expression, "Now, meet your end."

The tail-general snorted heavily, defiance in his voice, "I'm not one to scare easily. I know arraymancers need time to set up their magic arrays. If I kill you before you finish setting up your magic array, then you'll be just another ghost under my hammer!"

As his words fell, the tail-general was ready to move, but it was already too late.

Berkeley stood in the center of the magic array, his hands moving as if playing a harp, murmuring an incantation. 

The air around him was thick with a potent magic aura, powerful energy gathering around his body.

As Berkeley's chant grew louder and more intense, the magic array began to shine with a dazzling light. 

Mysterious runes rose from the ground, swirling around Berkeley, forming a massive circular barrier.

"Tail-general, you're too late. My magic array has been ready for a while now."


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