74 Chapter74-Encounter with Merfolk

Mr. Owen is a Gold Divine Dragon, capable of utilizing any elemental attribute. 

As long as there's an abundance of arcanergy, what does the element matter? 

Berkeley pondered this, a hint of pride emerging on his face. 

He glanced coldly at Finn: "It seems I hold a higher importance in Mr. Owen's heart than Finn does. Otherwise, Finn wouldn't be unaware of such a secret."

Finn, sensing the arrogance on Berkeley's face, felt baffled. 

Owen then spoke up, "Let's head to Gosa Waters and see for ourselves."

"Yes," everyone responded.

Berkeley, eager to show his initiative, arranged everything before Finn could. 

They set off on griffins, the same mode of transportation they had used before, flying towards Gosa Waters.


Gosa Waters, located to the southeast of the Laine Kingdom, was an expansive and boundless blue domain. 


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