72 Chapter72-[Prophecy] Upgraded Again

"Oh? Now you've piqued my curiosity." 

Given that the Laine Kingdom is the strongest among human realms, its profound heritage is unquestionable. 

It's completely within reason that they would possess some hidden treasures. 

Just like the Eternal Nirvana Flame of Mythoflare, the fact that the Laine Kingdom had such an item had indeed surprised Owen.

The king's eyes shimmered with a light of excitement as he began to speak, "I know the location of a Void Black Dragon's relic."

Owen stood up, unable to conceal his astonishment: "Void Black Dragon?"

He was genuinely shocked, unable to suppress the tumultuous emotions within him. 

He had come across mere snippets about black dragons in ancient texts. 

It was said that black dragons were direct descendants of the God of Dragons, boasting a lineage even more noble than the Gold Divine Dragon bloodline coursing through his own veins.


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