58 Chapter58-Dark Energy, Golden Holy Light

Owen's plan was simple: to grind down the dragonscale creature. 

Bearing the Emerald Blessing, he was like a mobile "fountain" that could replenish his strength. 

As long as he wasn't critically hit by the giant, he could maintain a high level of combat effectiveness.

But the giant was different. 

He had no "fountain," and every bit of energy he used was a complete expenditure, with no chance of replenishment from Owen.

So, Owen kept inflicting wounds on the giant. 

Gradually, the giant's strength waned. His attacks slowed, and Owen knew his opportunity had arrived.


The change still came.

Black luminescence began to emanate from the giant axe, resembling a layer of black mist. 

The giant looked at his axe, a grin spreading across his face; 


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