SCARS (Arnold series ONE)

Author: veebee
Historical Romance
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What is SCARS (Arnold series ONE)

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Warning!! may contain some sexual contents. ...He made her shiver, he made her melt. He made her want to give herself to him, something she'd sworn she would never do outside marriage... After leaving her short country life in shame, all miss Ann wants is not to be noticed and when she meets the dashing duke of westonhigh, she's even more determined to reload her arsenal of defense, as those grey eyes of his always manage to make her melt in her shoes, and worse of all shatter every defensive wall... Lord Richard Arnold is the catch of the season and the darling of every ambitious mama's eyes, but he is just as determined to escape them....when he meets the petite miss Ann and her lovely smiles, he can't help but pursue his interest.... But he knows behind those lovely smiles she has been hurt badly and Richard will do everything to heal her... SCARS...

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I enjoyed the synopsis of this book, loved how it doesn't reveal much. The writer is definitely skilled, I enjoy the chapters. The writer has done an amazing job, Big up.


Wow! the cover of this novel catches my attention because it was classic. The synopsis of the story was also catchy, it captivates my attention and the way the Author write it short but precise. The Author has an excellent skill in writing that the choices of words, the way the story was described and narrated matches the time setting of the story even the character designs and the background are excellently well-written. I love how the cliffhanger at the Prologue boost my curiosity on how the story will go, and as I read further the more I am slowly getting immersed in this story. Job well done Author!


I really loved the synopsis and although I haven't read the whole novel yet, I can say that it is an awesome one! The world background, the development of the story as well as the characters is praiseworthy and I am definitely going to add this to my library and complete it! Good job author!


Good Book to read!! I love the synopsis it catch me there and then only. I loved the way u have written this book though there r some grammatical mistakes but can turn blind eye to it. U have perfectly described the characters, story back ground is good. I just loved the book and can't wait to read further. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Loved the way you write and explain the characters. You are really skilled in writing and totally loved the story and looking forward to reading your works in future too. Keep going author.


I like the synopsis very much!! I like how it didn't spoil the story itself. This is the type of the book that I like, would definitely read this over and over again! Kudos to the author <33


Wow. This book filled me with emotions I can't just describe. Historical romance is now my number one genre. Keep it up author. And good luck to you.


The story is fun to read. gives me enemy to lovers vibes. It has the bridgertan aesthetic too. The writing style, character development is all good. I liked the story overall.


I feel like this could be turned into a historical/ royalty manhwa. I'd read that. I enjoy the process the author is taking, it makes the stroy flow very well so far. Kepp up the great work![img=recommend]


Wow! just WOW! The writing skills of the author is making shiver run down my spine, it's so faboulous, the plot is very well written and the characters are personified well. Good job author.


The vibes of the female protagonist make me worship her, it is very rare to see how determined the FL in this novel which make me attracted and can't wait for more so I can get to know the development of the FL in achieving her own goals. The plot is really interesting because it is not a somewhat cliché young girl looking for her own prince charming just to make things right, it really a new and somewhat refreshing storyline. Keep it going author, I wish to see more of FL sides personality.


An absolute amazing and wonderful read! Written super brilliantly, and it is gives off a very classic vibe that you just love 😍 this story is extremely interesting and worth reading again and again 💖


the writing skills of this author are exceeding any expectation i had before reading, it is like if i was reading a classic novel written by a famous author, it reminds of when i first began to read books, it brings me a nostalgic yet very pleasant feeling


Okay this gives me majorrr Bridgerton vibes aand I AM LIVING FOR IT 😭👏 So nice to know i can read this until season two comes out haha love your writing style and dialogue tags - pretty well done 😏 and omg LORD Arnold !!! I need to knkw more about him. excited to read the rest! Keep wrting more and good luck author :)))


I like the title omaygad. It reminds me of someone hahaha. I also like the plot of the story, I love the characters and their development thought out the chapters. Highly recommended! God bless!


Seems like a very likeable story I like your writing style Author 👌 keep it up 😉. The synopsis is really captivating and very interesting.


The synopsis is very interesting. Good stuff. Made me interested in reading the story. So far, so good. Check it out, you’ll be surprised!


A very intriguing story. The correct use of words and grammar that defines the concept even more. A story I would definitely recommend. Good job, Author! Kudos!


the storyline is intriguing, the author really did a good job in creating a background that makes the characters stand out, great work🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳


............................................................. Great story, easy to read... It is also good and imaginative... Really amazing... Kudos to the author!


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