5 Training Corps (1)

Mina's POV

I didn't expect Mina Carolina to be the person I'd become after reaching the third world. Ymir probably thought that we physically looked similar and that her fate wouldn't exactly change after I occupied her body.

Since she'll eventually die.

Cruel, I know, but it needs to happen for me to accomplish our goal. Specifically mine, which is to save both of my parents from their cruel destiny.

However, unlike the start of my second life during the battle for Trost, I was thrown even right before that. As I said, Ymir is a sadist, and letting me experience their academic and training life where most of the cadets have bonded is as sadist as she can get.

And yet history sees her as a kind and naïve girl who has been enslaved her whole life. Damn, look how the passage of time changed such an innocent lass.

Anyway, there was, however, one thing that I wanted to change at the start of my third life.

And that is Mina Carolina's hairstyle.

I admit that in my second world, Mina's hair defines who she is and how cute she can get.

But it's not me.

If I want to accomplish my goal of seeing my parents happy, I need to erase Mina Carolina's character and replace it with my own. I feel bad for doing so, but from now on, the daughter of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman from the first world will now be named 'Mina Carolina' in this world for the sake of achieving world peace.

Sorry, Mina, I'll probably do this just for this world. Besides, if your fate is really to die from a titan during the Battle for Trost, then I'll make it my mission to overcome it.

Because it's the least I could do from taking over this body of yours.

Upon noticing that this was the first day of training and that all of us were in the same place, I quickly removed both of my hair ties and instead tied them into one high ponytail. It allows me to move more freely without it being a bother every time I use the ODM gear.

"You, there!" A tanned man pointed out to a certain cadet, eventually claiming everyone's attention.

"Yes, sir!" A boy with short blonde hair replied and immediately performed a salute. He was no stranger to me, and I instantly knew that the boy in question was Armin Arlert, one of the closest friends of both Mikasa and Eren.

"Who are you?"

"Armin Arlert, from Zhiganshina!"

The instructor replied. "Yeah? That's a stupid name."


So, this is how Keith Shadis worked. How intriguing.

With that thought in mind, he continued. "Your parents gave you that?"

Armin answered, "My grandfather did!"

"Arlert, what are you doing here?"

Hearing his desperate replies, I heaved a long and pitiful sigh. "Trying to aid humanity's victory!"

"That is indeed wonderful." I agree. "Then you will feed the Titans!"


From what I have seen in my second world, it doesn't seem like that at all.

The instructor held Armin's head and finally said, "Row 3, about-face!"

This kind of question-and-answer portion continued as Keith Shadis observed every trainee for this year's batch. He asked Thomas and a few other people before finally targeting me.

"You, next!"

Being placed in a hot seat is not for me. However, to stick to my role, I shouted, "Mina Carolina, from Karanes!"

"Wrong!" Yeah, wrong. "You are from the pig shed, worth less than some cattle!"

"Yes, sir!" I agreed, as I unconsciously began to remember the cruelties that the devil did to my original body in the first world. Comparing it to a pig hits the mark. So, being told that I'm from the pig shed isn't exactly new to me.

The uneasiness I felt instantly vanished as I continued my response. "I am less than some cattle."

He was about to add some more but noticed my sudden shift of expression. The original Mina would have trembled in fear from the presence of this man, but I will not.

There are many things in life more terrifying than a man who calls you an idiot.

He left me after a few more seconds and began targeting other trainees instead. Poor Samuel.

When our row was ordered to turn around, I finally saw the people I had decided to protect. The instructor only passed through them after seeing their expression. Of course, Eren Yeager just lost his mother five years ago. The intensity of his rage probably hasn't lessened and only intensified instead. Seeing Mikasa Ackerman in her youth also made me giddy.

Mother is still as beautiful as she was in my world, only younger.

Then there was Jean. Hearing his reason for why he decided to enter this academy almost made me want to punch his face. However, it seems that Keith Shadis has heard my inner thoughts as he instantly head-butted the man.

"Who said you could sit down?!" Seeing Jean like this is a bit funny, though, not that he'll ever know.

The instructor then moved to his next target. "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

The young man replied with a smile on his face. "Marco Bott, from Jinae City, Wall Rose South District!"


My interest was piqued. I only heard his name back when his maneuver gear was illegally used. Other than that, I couldn't recall how he looked, even if I probably saw him during the Battle for Trost. Maybe he died early?

The young man continued. "I want to join the Military Police, to offer the King my body and self in service!"

… Oh my.

This man has lost it.

"Really? I'm glad to hear that. Good luck." Keith mumbles. "However, the king doesn't want your body."


What an amazing place this is.

Next, we have Connie, who got the salute wrong, and Sasha, who is… eating a boiled potato.


I can't believe that the heroes Mother told me stories about amused me this much. Watching Sasha run this long makes me pity her a bit, but she eventually developed into a beautiful woman years after experiencing different hellish scenarios. This is one of those, and I have no reason to hinder her from developing even further.

Hours after our interrogation, here I stood behind Connie, a few feet away from my father.

But… is it still right for me to call him that? He's technically not my father-

I suppose calling him Eren is much more appropriate.

Eren turned his head to look and noticed something from a far-off distance. "What's that?"

I gazed at it as well and quickly scrolled through "Mina's" memories. "The dropouts. They requested a transfer to the frontier."

Armin gasped. "What? But it's only the first day."

Hearing his reaction only made Eren sigh. "It was only a matter of time. If you aren't strong enough, you have to leave."

Surprised, both Marco and Connie gazed in his direction. What Eren had said was true, though, and I could at least sympathize with that. "Hard to believe they'd rather return to weeding and picking up rocks."

Marco was the first to ask. "Hey, he didn't ask you where you were from, did he?"

Eren smiled. Moments like these were rare, so I had to remember every single one of them – his smile, that is. "Zhiganshina, the same as him." He replies while pointing at Armin.

The story of him losing his mother wasn't exactly new to me, so instead of listening to his story, I could only relax by listening to his younger voice as it may lull me to sleep later at night.

At dinner, the trainees were still asking him about the incident with the colossal titan. It's a bit tactless if you ask me, but these kids truly don't know anything.

"Then, what about a normal titan?"

After hearing this specific question, I noticed a sudden shift of discomfort from the boy being questioned. The sudden urge to go through that wave of people just to pull him out of that situation almost choked me as I forced myself not to move and instead became suspicious.

But I can still do something as simple as saying, "Eren is probably tired from answering all of your questions. Maybe he can continue some other time?"

Connie was the first to respond as he immediately tried to apologize. He was, however, interrupted by the man in question, saying that he was fine.

He took a bite from his bread and continued, saying that Titans aren't all that tough. With proper training, they won't stand a chance.

I'm not going to lie. His words made me smile.

He continues proclaiming that he'll kill every titan in this world, only to be interrupted by the man I've wanted to punch earlier.

And I still want to do it. How dare he interrupt my father!

Their bickering only continued as I could only shake my head in exasperation.

Eventually, the commotion subsided as I took that chance to leave. Eren was about to leave as well. It was at that moment that I unknowingly discovered how Jean met my mother, Mikasa Ackerman. She only passed by before him, but his gaze only spoke of being attracted at first sight.

I was speechless.

I can't believe the man I considered my friend in the second world was interested in my mother. Ymir, if you can hear me, please laugh with me.

Leaving the place after seeing Jean wiping his hand upon discovering Eren and Mikasa's relationship almost secured my eventful and amusing night.


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