12 The Attack Titan (1)

Mina's POV

Mikasa stood there for a few minutes before finally collapsing to the ground. It took a lot of patience and drive for me to force my body not to move. After all, this is something that has to happen. 

For the sake of the future, this turning point must not be changed. 

"This world is cruel and also very beautiful." Mother once told me as we were planting new seeds in the backyard. I didn't understand her words back then, but I can see them right now. "I thought of that line after hearing the news of your father's death back in the Battle for Trost."

I recalled my younger self frowning after hearing my mother's words. "Father died?!"

She chuckled. "We all thought he did, but he survived. Your father is both a fighter and a survivor."

"But even in death, I'll probably still love him. Lame, aren't I?" 

I smiled, recalling how I shook my head in response. "I think it's beautiful, mama."

"And I still do," I whisper to myself. 

I continued watching from another roof and saw how Mikasa evaded the titan's clutches, slicing its fingers when it came near her. But as fatigue finally caught up to her, the balance she maintained collapsed as the titan's strike had almost hit her.

She rolled away from the pressure of the attack and refused to stand down. She continued to pick herself up as her determined figure to stay alive became even more beautiful in my eyes. I wanted to go down and save her, but just as this day became humanity's turning point, it was also the day when Mikasa remembered something very important.

"The image of him screaming and telling me to fight appeared in my head." Mother smiled as I recall how peaceful her expression was. "I vowed on that day never to give up anymore."

"I hope, my child, that you'll someday experience it as well."

The younger version of myself giggled. "To be cornered by two titans?"

"What- no, that's not it!" I chuckled at that memory as it coincided with what was currently happening. Eren's titan form appeared behind Mikasa, readying himself to strike. "I wish for you not to lose hope."

"And to always move forward, no matter what happens."

Then, in one single move, Eren's titan form managed to kill its target, bewildering me once more.

His attack pushed Mikasa away, and I waited for the right time to scoop her up. 

Eren Yeager's first transformation is that of the Attack Titan, one with dark brown hair that only reaches up to his neck and stands as tall as fifteen meters from the ground. His body is well built and endowed, creating an image for its capability compared to other titans. When I first saw it for the first time back in the second world, I was honestly stupefied. Now, however, I can only feel nostalgia above all else.

Upon hearing his roar, I finally decided to move and dove directly into where Mikasa was. She was covering her ears from how loud it echoed, but it didn't aid in distracting me. 

"Mikasa!" I called out to her and immediately scooped her body away from the fight. Eren was still stomping the body of the deceased titan by the time I managed to place Mikasa on a safe rooftop. 


"Mikasa!" Then came Armin and Connie. "Are you hurt?!" 

"Are you two okay?" Connie added, to which I immediately responded by nodding my head. "Both of you are so reckless! What are you, siblings?!"

I'm her daughter from another world, to be precise.

But I quickly shut my mouth before I can accidentally spill those words. 

"We need to move!" Connie wasted no time and helped us in standing up. It was at that moment that the whole group saw two Titans just two rooftops away from us. "Oh no! Two 15-meter class titans!" 

"No, that titan…" Mikasa mumbled, to which I quickly understood. In the corner of my eyes, I noticed Armin eyeing the carcass of the titan below. 

Eren once again roared as a sign of challenge to the other titan. He lifted both of his arms and readied himself to attack, surprising the whole group once more.

Well, except for me.

When I noticed my lack of reaction to this scenario, I was immensely grateful that no one was looking at me. I mean, if I were to watch a titan killing another titan for the first time, I too, would have been astonished. 

But that's not the case for me, not anymore. 

"H-He finished it off?" Armin openly showed his astonishment. "He knew where to hit it and to kill it?"

Connie, on the other hand, was cautious. He immediately wanted to leave, telling us that it might come after us as well. But Armin countered by saying that it showed no signs of interest towards the group, to which Mikasa and I agreed.

"It appeared to know rudimentary combat skills, too," Mikasa adds her observation. "What is it?"

I shrugged my shoulders, thinking that the right question to ask was who it was. 

I would have answered: "Your future husband".

However, Ymir might kill me if I do so. 

Connie once again told us to move, but Armin pointed out that Mikasa's gear was out of gas. He kneeled and offered his gas to Mikasa and simply asked to leave a small blade for him to use. I didn't want to intervene because Mikasa had to realize how her actions affected others.

When she threw the blade and told Armin that she was not going to leave him, I eventually took a stand and presented an idea. 

"Connie will carry Armin to HQ. That way, no one will be left behind."

"Huh?!" Armin rejected the notion, saying that doing so in an area filled with titans is dangerous.

He eventually stopped rambling after noticing the grin on my face. 

"It's all right, Armin." I then pointed at Eren's titan form and continued. "We have him." 

Since this was his idea back in the second world, he immediately understood what I was trying to say. I smiled as Armin elaborated on my idea to Connie and Mikasa.

Sorry, Armin. I stole your idea so you can trust me more when it comes to strategies for the future. 

After finalizing our plan, I took one final stretch before turning back to look at my partner in leading Eren to HQ.

"Shall we, Mikasa?" 

"Yeah." She nodded her head at me before we charged our way through this chaos.


Being beside Mikasa as we plow our way through this titan wave almost made me tear up. Mother was so talented in using the ODM gear, and just being able to keep up with her made me feel proud and giddy. I scoffed.

What the hell am I thinking while killing these people from Marley?

Maybe I have lost it.

Nonetheless, just being beside my parents always makes me forget how cruel reality is. 

Eren must have noticed the swarm of titans in HQ because he immediately dashed towards it, unknowingly creating a path for us. We took that as a chance and maneuvered our way to our target destination. 

With one final stretch, Mikasa and I entered from different windows, forcing them to shatter upon arrival. Some glass may have wounded me, but no pain was felt. My attention immediately returned to my father as he continued to go on a rampage. 

"Mikasa?! Mina?!" Jean's surprised voice didn't force me to remove my attention from Eren. I knew that he would survive anyway. No surprise was needed. 

"That was so close… I'm all out." Connie sighed in relief. "But we did it! We just barely made it!"

Jean closed in on Mikasa. "Y-you're alive!"

Yeah, no shit horse face. Were you this annoying back in the second world?

I frowned. Maybe it's because I met him during our training. 

"You both did it, Armin, Mina!" Connie slapped Armin's back before closing in on me to do so as well. As expected, I didn't flinch upon impact. "Your plan worked!"

He then proceeded to tell the group about how Eren is an Abnormal that kills other titans. I could care less about their discussion as I quickly went to the rooftop of HQ, once again ignoring their voices. 

After landing safely, my gaze immediately returned to Eren's titan figure. This is his first transformation, and from what I recall, he won't be able to remember a thing. 

Eren continued to punch the Titans' heads off, acquiring the attention of other Titans in the vicinity. I frowned, wanting nothing more than to fight alongside him. 

"Mina!" Armin then called out to me from below, making me lean toward the edge of the roof. He was waving his arm towards me, making me remember what would happen next here in HQ.

So, I went down and landed beside him. However, before he could even speak, I asked, "Have you thought of a plan to kill the Titans inside HQ?"

"Yeah, but I also wanted you to hear it first before telling it to the other soldiers."

I hummed. "You don't have to tell me, Armin. I know you're smart, and I'll trust whatever plan you cook up."

It was just a casual remark from me, but Armin's face instantly flushed after hearing my words. "Y-You think so?"

I couldn't stop myself from smiling at this intelligent being. 

"I know so."


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