Scarecrow of 1889

There once was a boy who was an orphan and suffered abuse from his village residents. The only friend he had was the dummy scarecrow on the field, whom he talked to. One day, a wealthy man brutally beat the boy. The next morning, the wealthy man was found dead, and the scarecrow was covered in blood.  Terrified, the villagers were convinced that the scarecrow had come to life to avenge its tormented friend. And it was the last scarecrow ever placed again in the fields, considering it a sign of death.  —   After scarecrow dolls begin appearing in the streets of Riddleford next to murder victims, the town is thrown into chaos. When the hunt for the mystery scarecrow murderer begins, it is only a matter of time before the famous Frontier Hall Opera House employees are subjected to suspicion, each protecting a secret of their own. But is that all that is going on? Or is there something unseen?

ash_knight17 · History
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53 Chs

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Jane arrived at the club where, a couple of days ago, one of the women who once worked here had fallen victim. A place where Agnes Holloway worked. She noticed a bald man make his way to the front of the entrance, and he offered a bow. 

"I am Mr. Fletcher. I heard you wanted to talk to me about something?" Mr. Fletcher inquired, who was the manager of the club. 

"I am Jane Reinhart, a detective who is working on the scarecrow case," Jane introduced herself with a bow, and the man bowed back. 

"Would you like to come in?" Mr. Fletcher asked, while Jane observed the place and the people walking around. Women especially gave her a look of disdain, which she brushed away. 

"No," Jane replied, not knowing if the person in question would be inside. She said, "It isn't going to be long. I just wanted to ask you about one of the employees who works here." 

"And who would that be?" Mr. Fletcher asked with curiosity.