Saving the Villain

The Devil’s Den was Cosette’s favorite webnovel that she had followed for three whole years. She waited for updates, wallow in those empty days during the author’s constant hiatuses, cry and laugh with the characters; it was already a part of her short life. Cosette really wished that the novel would never end despite that she was terminally ill. But after three years, The Devil’s Den finally came to an end. With a reader as invested as Cosette, she had mixed emotions about the ending. Not that the ending was disappointing, but what disheartened her was the ending of her favorite character; the villain Maxen Devilsin. One year later, Cosette took her last breath only to wake up in the body of the stunning Cosette Blac; the villainess of the novel The Devil’s Den, her second favorite character after the villain. Granted with the opportunity to live in the world of her favorite novel before the main story starts, Cosette had a plan. That was to simp over the characters and save her favorite characters whilst hoping that the female and male lead still have their happy ending. In a world that was already written and events that were expected to happen whether or not they wanted to, can Cosette change the course of their lives? Was overwriting the characters' fate could save them? Or would it just give them a much worse ending than what the author had given them? Watch Cosette as she tried to become the superfan and give the dark-themed story some light. ---- A part of the Wild Series: Wild Young Fan: Saving the Villain! Cover photo not mine. Credits to the artist.

BAJJ · Urban
Not enough ratings
398 Chs


"Don't kill yourself, Maxen Devilsin. If you do, you will never see her again."


"I am almost there." Her grip on his arm tightened. "So, hang in there, hmm?"

"What are you —"

"Conrad… will not make it if you also leave him." The woman continued, leaving no room for Maxen to ask questions. "Please… hang in there and… please, save my family."

Maxen's lips parted, but his words were stuck in his throat. All he could do was stare at the woman who was holding his arm as if her life depended on it, begging him not to die but save her family instead. He didn't know who she was, but she knew Conrad and Cosette. Looking at her more, Maxen suddenly had a conclusion in his head. 

"You are…" he trailed off as the woman clenched her teeth, tearing up. 

"If you take your life now, you will not see her again — we will not see her again," she said, shaking her head. "Help me, Maxen Devilsin. Help me save my daughter."