317 Clarity II

It was, indeed, a thorough investigation because even Stella's family records were here. There were many discrepancies in these records like how Stella's brother got kicked out of school; he used to be a smart and diligent student, but suddenly, had a record of bullying that got him kicked out. The terrible records made it hard for him to get into another decent school or get a proper job.

After reading more and more, Conrad soon got a grasp of how things went down before he reached the birth records of Stella's son. Apparently, Stella birthed Maxen in a very secluded province. Because Stella was all alone and the town she moved in was conservative, many assumed she was not a decent woman. 

A woman was raising a son who didn't know who his father was. Even though Stella had kind neighbors, there were still some who would talk about her because they had nothing else to do. In the long run, Stella was branded as a whore because of her strange schedule at night.


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