124 Chapter 124: Dark Aura


Obito's breath was ragged, his gaze fixed on the thousands of villagers outside the window. His world had turned blood-red.

He wished he could rush out right now, kill everyone outside, and leave no one alive.

Then, he would set a massive fire, burning all those hundreds of thousands of leaflets along with the entire Leaf Village to ashes.

No matter what.

He had to stop the contents of the leaflets from spreading throughout the ninja world.

After making up his mind, Obito's gaze sharpened, and he began to walk towards the outside.

"Obito, don't be impulsive." Black Zetsu quickly advised when he saw this, "Your abilities have been completely exposed now. Your opponents are the Leaf Anbu, the Police Force, and the Uchihas. You can't handle them alone."

For Black Zetsu, Obito was an important piece in the "Eye of the Moon" plan, and this piece was now on the verge of going out of control.

White Zetsu also put away his usual frivolity, echoing with a worried face: "Moreover, the Uchihas have obtained your other Sharingan from Kakashi. If they use that eye against you, you'll be in danger, Obito!"


Obito ignored their advice.

The contents of the leaflet had completely broken through his psychological defenses, causing him to lose his sanity.

Seeing Obito's stubbornness, Black Zetsu urgently shouted again: "Obito, this leaflet is a trap set by the Uchihas to provoke you! Uchiha Dan has not shown up yet, he might be hiding in the dark, waiting to ambush you!"

Uchiha Dan.

Hearing this name, Obito's PTSD flared up again.

He shivered all over, finally calming down, and then broke out in a cold sweat.

That's right.

The contents of this leaflet must have been the work of Uchiha Dan. His goal was to make him lose his cool and expose himself under broad daylight.

Everything was Uchiha Dan's conspiracy!

Once he fell into the trap and showed up, he would be besieged by the entire Leaf Village, and he would surely die here today.

He almost fell for it.

Obito felt a wave of fear in his heart, and the step he had taken was forcefully retracted.

If you say.

The name Rin Nohara could make Obito disregard everything and fall into madness for love.

Then the name Uchiha Dan was the "medicine" that woke him up and brought him back to reality.

Unconsciously, Dan had become Obito's inner demon.

In the Medical Corps building, third floor.

Samui peered through the window, carefully observing the situation below, ready to run if things went south.

During this process, her expression became more and more surprised.

But unlike the Leaf villagers, she was not surprised at Obito being exposed, but at Tsunade.

Previously Tsunade disguised as "Dr. Dan," tried every means to get close to Samui, using various methods to try to trick her into giving up the necklace given to her by the Hokage.


It wasn't until now that Tsunade realized a possibility.

She had heard that Tsunade liked to gamble, but she always lost, often had no money to pay her debts, and could only pawn her valuable items.


The original owner of this crystal necklace around her neck was Tsunade, and it was won by the Boss at the gambling table?

The fact that Tsunade was so obsessed with it indicated that this necklace was very precious, perhaps a priceless treasure.

And the Boss, he casually gave it to her as a birthday gift.

Thinking of this.

Tsunade's heart raced, once again suspecting that the Hokage had feelings for her from the start.

Unfortunately, she could never figure out his intentions.

She turned her head, looking at the meditation room with a complicated gaze. It was still quiet inside, without any movement.


She wasn't sure if it was her imagination.

She seemed to see a dark aura, like flowing water, seeping out from the crack of the meditation room door, quickly spreading around, swallowing the surrounding light.

It was as if night was falling.

In an instant, Samui herself was also enveloped in this darkness.

The next second.

An invisible pressure suddenly descended upon her.

Samui's shoulders sank immediately, as if a mountain was pressing on her.

Usually, due to the burden of her large chest, she often felt shoulder pain. Now, she couldn't bear it anymore.


Samui fell to her knees, her hands also propped on the ground, unable to lift her head.

At the same time.

Not only physically, but her spirit was also inexplicably hit by various negative emotions, such as fear, terror, despair...

Under the double pressure of body and mind.

Samui's face was pale, and she was sweating profusely, lying on the ground like a deer in headlights, completely immobile.

She barely gathered the chakra in her body, trying to resist, and looked at the door of the meditation room with a horrified face.

What on earth was happening...

Downstairs in the Medical Corps building.

"Lord Hyuga, what should we do now?"

The Hyuga accompanying Hiashi looked troubled as they whispered to him.

He originally thought that with a lot of solid evidence this time, they finally caught the Uchihas' handle and could avenge the Police Force and the Hyuga clan.

Unexpectedly, the Uchihas brought out an Obito to take the blame.

What's more, Tsunade came out halfway, along with the Leaf Anbu, to vouch for the Uchihas, catching the Police Force off guard.

The facts proved.

The Police Force simply couldn't fight against the Uchihas.

"We can't just let it go."

Hyuga's eyes flashed, he said in a deep voice.

When he saw the Anbu also speaking for the Uchihas, he was even more convinced that the Third Hokage had colluded with the Uchihas.


Hiashi was relentless, raising the leaflet in his hand, and once again challenging the Uchihas: "Even if the contents on this are true, Uchiha Madara and Obito are still your Uchihas. The two of them have plagued the Leaf Village for decades!

Back then, shortly after the First Hokage and Uchiha Madara's battle in the Valley of the End, the First Hokage fell seriously ill and died. The Fourth Hokage and his wife were murdered by Obito during the Nine-Tails' attack.

The Uchiha clan has killed two Hokages of the Leaf Village.

If the Leaf Village didn't have the Uchihas, so many disasters wouldn't have happened. You can't wash your hands of this!"

Admittedly, Hiashi was telling the truth.

His words resonated with many villagers.

If the invincible First Hokage hadn't died young, if the Yellow Flash Fourth Hokage was still alive, the Leaf Village today wouldn't be in this state.

In the end, wasn't it all the Uchihas' fault?

"Lord Hyuga!"

Shisui couldn't stand it anymore and stood up to refute.

"After Uchiha Madara was not selected as Hokage, he called on his clan to leave the village with him, but the Uchihas firmly stood on the side of the Leaf, and no one was willing to follow Madara.

Later, Obito, due to the Leaf's high-level expansion of the war, leading to Rin Nohara's death, and being bewitched by Madara, embarked on the path of revenge against the Leaf.

And the other Uchihas, dutifully managing the Police Force in normal times, and during the war, they rushed to the battlefield without hesitation, fighting for the village, and never did anything to betray the Leaf.

How can you lump all Uchihas together?"

The Third Hokage once said.

Shisui is a person who has transcended narrow clanism, always putting the interests of the village before the clan, and is a defender of the Will of Fire.

But now, even Shisui thinks that the Leaf's high-level suppression of the Uchihas has gone too far.

They wanted the Uchihas to move to the edge of the village, so we moved.

They were dissatisfied with the Uchihas controlling the Police Force, so we voluntarily gave it up.

But even so, they keep finding trouble with the Uchihas, mobilizing forces to accuse them each time.

What should the Uchihas do to satisfy the village?

Shisui really couldn't understand, and his once firm belief began to waver.

Fugaku shook his head.

He thought Shisui's attitude was too humble, which would only encourage Hiashi 's arrogance.


Fugaku's gaze was sharp, and he unceremoniously retorted Hyuga: "Lord Hyuga, I must remind you, and all the Leaf ninjas and villagers present.

The word 'Leaf' means 'wood' represents the Senju, and 'leaf' represents the Uchihas. Without the Uchihas, there would be no Leaf!

It was the Uchihas who founded this village as elders, and you all came to attach yourselves to us, but now you blame the Uchihas.

Can you people have some shame?!"

In such a serious situation.

Given Fugaku's usually mature and steady character, he shouldn't have said such things in public.

But he has changed, unknowingly.

Perhaps it was the successful transplantation of Hashirama's cells, which made his strength soar and gave him full confidence; or perhaps it was the influence of his younger brother-in-law.


Fugaku is no longer as patient and yielding as before when facing the Leaf's high-level officials, but has become more domineering.

"The clan leader is right!"

Fugaku's rebuttal to Hyuga won the cheers of the Uchihas.

The Uchihas have been suppressed by the village for decades, and they have endured for so long, it's about time.

The Leaf has gone too far, why should the Uchihas continue to endure?

Hearing Fugaku's words, Hiashi was furious on the surface, but inside he was overjoyed.

The Uchihas, as expected, were a group of brainless and arrogant people, easily provoked.

Hyuga Hiashi had taken the bait.

He sneered coldly, then raised his arm and shouted: "Did you all hear that? Even now, the Uchiha clan still harbors wild ambitions, believing they are the true masters of the Leaf Village. This is utterly absurd. The Leaf Village belongs to everyone, it must not fall into the hands of the Uchihas!"

Under the instigation of this advisor to the Hokage.

The villagers' anger, which had just subsided, was instantly reignited. Accusations and condemnations once again surged towards the Uchiha clan.

"It seems that we can't solve the problem without taking action."

Fugaku shook his head, he was already tired.

Compared to arguing with people, the Uchihas were indeed better at solving problems with their fists.

"All Uchihas, prepare for battle!"

At his command.

In an instant.

Swish, swish, swish.

The Uchihas activated their Sharingan one after another, releasing a strong will to fight. They were eager to have a big fight with the people of the Leaf Village.


After the previous battle at the Mountain Graveyard, the Uchihas' long-suppressed combative genes had been completely awakened.

Once the people of the Leaf Village started a war, the Uchihas would definitely accompany them to the end.

This was bad.

Tsunade's face changed on the side. What was happening?

It seemed that she had been busy for nothing just now.

What puzzled her even more was.

What on earth was the Third Hokage doing? He was nowhere to be seen at such a critical moment. Didn't he worry at all that a war would break out between the Uchihas and the Leaf Village?

"Listen to me, everyone calm down."

Tsunade frowned, trying to persuade both sides, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she was shocked.

Then she suddenly looked at the door of the Medical Corps building.

Not only Tsunade.

At this moment.

All the Uchihas seemed to have felt something and turned their heads to look.

They saw a dark mist was spreading out from the building, emitting a cold and terrifying aura.

It was as if the door to the abyss had been opened.

Tap, tap, tap.

A steady footstep came from the building. Each step landed like a foot on everyone's hearts, making them feel a palpitation.

The Uchihas present.

All were tense and speechless, not only having difficulty breathing, but their bodies also became stiff, and it was hard to move even a finger.

Under the horrified gaze of many eyes, Dan, a two-meter-tall man with bulging muscles, walked out with an overwhelming oppressive aura.

Like a black demon from hell.

That was because he had released the Dark Aura Technique, attacking everyone indiscriminately.

"Are you okay, Izumi?"

In the crowd, Itachi saw his girlfriend looking unwell and swaying, and quickly reached out to support her.

He looked at his uncle in fear, but was horrified to find that the latter was emitting an indescribable aura, which almost trapped him in a genjutsu, unable to extricate himself.

Itachi quickly averted his gaze, no longer daring to look directly.

Just like that, Dan walked through the crowd of Uchihas, past Fugaku and Shisui, and past Tsunade.

Everyone was shocked and stunned on the spot.

The Uchihas, because they had awakened the Sharingan and their bodies were full of Yin chakra, they could barely resist Dan's Dark Aura Technique.

But the ninjas of the Leaf Village might not be so lucky.

Not to mention, there were thousands of ordinary villagers around.


As Dan approached Danzo, Hiashi, and others, the aura spread, and the crowd that was noisy and boiling a moment ago quickly quieted down.


Thud. Thud.

The villagers of the Leaf Village, one by one, looked terrified. Before they could even cry out for help, they fell down like wheat being cut, one after another.

Even among the Leaf ninjas, a large number of Genin and Chunin also fell to their knees, sweating profusely under the cover of the aura.

Although they didn't faint, they also lost their ability to fight.

Hum, hum, hum.

When Dan's Dark Aura Technique was fully deployed, extending a hundred meters around him, it finally reached its limit and stopped.

At this time.

Within this circular range with a radius of one hundred meters.

Thousands of Leaf villagers were all unconscious, lying haphazardly on the ground. Everyone's face was filled with fear, as if they had seen something terrifying before they fainted.

This "spectacle" was filled with eeriness, making people shudder.

In the end.

The only ones left standing in front of Dan were Danzo and his Root subordinates, Hiashi and the elite of the Police Force, and a few ninjas from the Anbu Black Ops.

All were Jonin.

Although these people had resisted the attack of the Dark Aura Technique, their expressions were all extremely serious.

Dan's ability exceeded their understanding.

And the unknown often comes with fear.

Dan looked around and felt satisfied.

Today's crowded occasion was just right for testing the power of the Dark Aura Technique, and it was indeed as he had expected.

This technique could almost instantly kill all ninjas below Jonin level.

Making Dan a walking weapon on the battlefield.

And the current Dark Aura Technique could only be said to be in its initial form, far from reaching its potential limit.

As Dan later awakened the Mangekyō, Eternal Mangekyō, and even the Rinnegan, when his own Yin chakra's quality and quantity both increased.

The power of the Dark Aura Technique would also rise with the tide, truly shining.

By then what he could kill in seconds would not just be below Jonin, but all ninjas below Kage level, and even those below the Six Paths level.

After testing his new ability.

Dan slowly withdrew his aura, waiting for his Yin chakra to recover.

Then, he looked at Danzo and the others with a smile that wasn't quite a smile.

Although he had been staying in the meditation room, he knew everything that was happening outside the Medical Corps building through his senses.

In Dan's view.

The current situation was: Danzo and Hiashi were continuously provoking, Tsunade and the Anbu were trying to quell the dispute, the Uchihas were on the verge of exploding, and the Third Hokage... was letting it happen.

In that case, it would be today.

The life-and-death war between the Uchihas and the Leaf Village would be set on this good day.


To completely ignite the powder keg, a fuse was still needed.

That fuse was Danzo.

Danzo liked to play with fire.

But he seemed unaware that playing with fire would eventually burn himself.

And now, Dan would make Danzo understand this.

His gaze locked onto Danzo.

Danzo, leaning on his cane, also looked at Dan without any fear.

"Protect Lord Danzo!"

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki shouted, and the Root guards immediately formed a formation, firmly protecting Danzo in the middle.

Hyuga Hiashi, the head of the Hyuga clan and the chief of the Police Force, had already changed his face. The humiliating defeat by Dan a few days ago was an unforgettable shadow in his mind.

This Hyuga clan leader and Police Force chief was scared. He took his subordinates and slipped to the side.

"Quickly notify the Hokage!"

Danzo urged his companion urgently, he himself also tensed up, preparing to deal with the emergency situation that was about to occur from the standpoint of the Leaf Village's Anbu Black Ops.

On this side.

After Dan lifted the Dark Aura Technique, the Uchihas who had regained their senses also came forward one after another, coming to his side.

"Dan, what are you going to do?"

Tsunade looked at Dan in surprise, her voice trembling.

Was this man really going to lead the Uchihas to wage war against the Leaf Village?

Tsunade knew that she was powerless to stop it. If she stood on the side of the village, she might even be the first one killed by Dan.

Once the war broke out, it seemed that she could only... stay out of it.

Shisui didn't say anything, but it was clear that his mind was in turmoil, his inner conflict was ten times greater than Tsunade's.

Only Fugaku stood shoulder to shoulder with Dan, looking firmly ahead, and said: "Dan, is it finally time to take action? Then let it be today. Let us lead our clan and carve out a new future for the Uchihas."


Fugaku had activated the ability of his Mangekyō, Amaterasu, for a prophecy, and saw that the Uchihas would eventually take the path of rebellion in the future.

From that moment on, he had been waiting for this day with a restless heart.

Now that it had finally arrived, Fugaku felt relieved, as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

Life and death were trivial matters, if they didn't submit, they would fight.

They fought.


At this time, Danzo on the opposite side made an unexpected move.

"Everyone, step aside." Danzo gave a light order to the Root members, then walked towards Dan with his cane, alone.

He stopped when he was only five or six meters away from Dan, and then calmly called out to Dan:

"Uchiha Dan, how about a wager with me?"

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