10 First World: Man Of The Hour

Wen Qinxi laid down operation 'save the overbearing CEO', listing down a detailed plan simply waiting for him execute it but there was one tiny problem.

That problem was a sticky Mingxu that just wouldn't leave him alone. Every time Wen Qinxi stood up a set of questions would fly in his direction like 'Where you going?' followed by 'I'll come with you' and 'Why can't l come?' which was driving Wen Qinxi insane.

The one time he tried to use the 'not my brother' threat, Lin Mingxu came up with a 'l know your secrets' counterattack. At this rate Wen Qinxi might end up stabbing himself just to get away from that sticky tofu.

Wen Qinxi only managed to shake him off after what could be described as an elaborate plan to be rid of Mingxu. He left the mansion at the speed of light like his ass was on fire just in case Lin Mingxu came back earlier than expected.

All his life he had never gone to such an extent to avoid someone before. "So fuckin sticky, are all brothers like that?" he asked Hei Bao and Xia Bai through the communication channel.

"Mine is like that but his five so," replied Hei Bao while scanning the system. "Oh shit!"

"What?" said Xia Bai and Wen Qinxi at the same time curious to know what had Hei Bao's panties in a bunch.

"What's Qie Ranzhe trying to do? His boys have been tailing you ever since you left the mansion. l think they plan on assassinating you," said Hei Bao showing Xia Bai what he was seeing. But before Wen Qinxi could respond, they muted him while discussing something unethical.

"Place your bet, 200 says his going to slash his throat as soon as he sees him. Qie Ranzhe will go for instakill, brother Qi will be dead in two minutes," said Xia Bai slamming money on the desk.

Hei Bao took out some money while placing his bet, "Wen Qinxi is a smart mouth, he will last ten minutes. Whoever has the closest time wins."

Meanwhile Wen Qinxi was picking up his pace as he watched his 'in the shadows plan' flushed down the toilet page by page. 'Fuck at least l had a good run,' he thought picking up his pace but he couldn't shake his tail no matter which turn he took.

Of course, he couldn't get away as these boys lived and breathed these streets day in day out There was no way he was going to outrun them not unless hell froze over which would never happen.

If Wen Qinxi said this was just a game and wasn't terrified one bit, that would be a lie. Even though he wouldn't die in real life he could still feel pain and for an algophobe like him that was essentially hell. With that in mind, his pace graduated from striding to scuttling fraught with danger.

"Jolie don't l have some kind of skill to survive this?" asked a breathless Wen Qinxi as he dashed into an alley sacred stiff.

"I advise you to try and recite some poetry maybe that can help you because that's what your character is good at. Shakespeare them to death Wen Qinxi, Jiayou!" replied the cheerful system wishing it had some popcorn to enjoy while watching this horror show.

"Fuck! Why did he have to be a fucking scholar who can't even swim. Jolie reduce pain index, at least l can die with a smile," replied Wen Qinxi turning a corner which was the stupidest decision he had ever made. Qie Ranzhe's goons surrounded him mocking the rich young master who should have stayed dead.

'l am sorry to say but the pain index function is currently unavailable. Plus it will only affect your gaming experience,' said Jolie wishing it could place a bet.

'Jolie who fuckin cares about the gaming experience right now when l am about to die!' cursed Wen Qinxi in his head while nervously smiling at the rowdy boys surrounding him.

'Oh, l am sorry you feel that way. Anyway make sure to rate the system when you die, oh sorry l meant when you exit the game. Bye!' said the system which didn't really leave but got comfy waiting for the blood bath to commence as the man of the hour showed his face.

Qie Ranzhe was swaggering his way through the group of boys who instantly gave way for him. The man was as gorgeous as ever with an exaggerated domineering aura more suppressive than in the real world. This version of Qie Ranzhe was more terrifying that Wen Qinxi suddenly missed the CEO version.

The closer Qie Ranzhe got to him, the faster his heart thumped against his chest. He instinctively closed his eyes shut when the protagonist suddenly wall slammed him speaking in magnetic icy voice, "Young Master Lin l truly apologize for not doing an effective job the last time but this time l will surely get it right," while Manchu handed him a dagger.

Wen Qinxi suddenly opened his eyes only to see the dagger twirling in between Qie Ranzhe's long fingers. 'Shit! l have do something otherwise this crazy bastard will kill me,' he thought nervously laughing which took Qie Ranzhe by surprise.

"Dage let's talk this out in a civilized manner. Violence won't solve anything," said Wen Qinxi in a shaky voice as he felt a cold sweat pass over him like a ghost at a seance.

"Sure go ahead l am listening," said Qie Ranzhe folding his arms across his chest watching Lin Jingxie's every move.

Wen Qinxi heaved a sigh of relief, at least Qie Ranzhe was still sensible. "Heres the thing, l did bunch of horrible things in the past and you almost killed me for it which is fair so why not start off on clean slate?" negotiated Wen Qinxi struggling to read Qie Ranzhe's emotions as the guy remained expressionless.

"Let's just say my near death experience made me reevaluate my priorities. How about this, l don't screw with you and you don't screw with me, we can both live harmonious lives," said Wen Qinxi secretly crossing his fingers that he doesn't get stabbed today.

Qie Ranzhe lightly chuckled as the boys joined in on the laughter. "You fuckin expect me to believe that bull shit? You must take me for a fool?" with the last sentence said in a condescending tone.

"l am serious Qie Ranzhe, think about it. With my status l am more useful to you alive than dead. Haven't l already proved myself? I didn't say anything about what happened at the waterfall," said a desperate Wen Qinxi while the boys shook their heads in disagreement. If it was up to them Lin Jingxie would have been a stiff corpse by now.

Qie Ranzhe seemed to be mauling over his suggestion when he was suddenly interrupted by Lin Mingxu punching his way through the crowd while yelling, "Get the fuck away from my brother!"

"Fuck!" swore Wen Qinxi under his breathe as he watched Lin Mingxu throw a swing at Qie Ranzhe which he obviously missed as Qie Ranzhe dodged and kicked the boy onto the ground.

With Lin Mingxu groaning in pain on the ground, the boys he had just punched got back at him, kicking him a couple of times before Wen Qinxi took action. He pushed the boys off and shielded Lin Mingxu from further beatings with his own body and so the algophobe couldn't escape from this unscathed.

The boys beat the hell out of Lin Jingxie venting their frustrations for past bullying and only stopped when Qie Ranzhe was satisfied. Wen Qinxi was clutching his abdomen in pain while wiping blood off his split lip.

Lin Mingxu tried to shield his brother from an on coming Qie Ranzhe but Wen Qinxi harshly scolded him yelling, "Stay the fuck out of this!" causing a discontented Lin Mingxu to cower behind him.

Qie Ranzhe crouched down in front of the kneeling Wen Qinxi glaring at him with a glazed expression. " Young Master Lin has indeed made a wise choice not saying anything. However, you still have to prove that you are worth more alive than dead....Let's start with something simple, that is if you are willing of course?" he said gripping hard on Wen Qinxi's chin.

'Fuckin asshole!' cursed Wen Qinxi in his head while nodding in agreement.

"Okay then, from now on deliver food to my boys everyday but if you skimp out on them there will naturally be consequences," he said glancing over at Lin Mingxu hiding behind his brother, "okay?"

"Sure," spoke Wen Qinxi through his teeth swallowing his anger.

"Good boy," said Qie Ranzhe with an ominous grin while gently slapping his cheek twice before taking his leave. His gang followed suit glaring daggers at them that if looks could kill, they would be corpses by now.

Lin Mingxu helped his brother up holding back tears. He wanted to be strong for Lin Jingxie while plotting vengeance in that immature brain of his as they hobbled home in silence.

Though silent Wen Qinxi was already calculating the amount of reparations he was going to charge Qie Ranzhe when he wakes up. 'Trashy CEO, you are going to fucking compensate me for this. Shit, l won't settle for anything less that a billion,' he mumbled in his brain now more determined than ever to survive through the end.

Meanwhile in the game room, Xia Bai was mourning the loss of his money with Hei Bao throwing it in his face. But the most disappointed was Jolie, the system didn't get the much anticipated blood and gore as advertised.

If this was a horror movie, it would have demanded a full refund and slapped them with a bad review. Everyone including Wen Qinxi had underestimated his abilities, surviving the longest in Qie Ranzhe's game.

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