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As Marcel finished speaking, I felt the space around us distorting, and the last thing I could see was the tree on the hill before the whole place turned to gray mist and I felt myself being pulled into the real world.

The memory or wherever I was started to crumble, and then I suddenly went back to my room, and I realized that the journal Marcel had given me in the memories was now in my hands.

The first Marcel's diary I was holding started to burn, with smoke rising from its pages.

"Damn it!" I said, and thinking quickly I summoned an iron vase and threw the diary inside, letting it burn.





"Sigh... When did it all start to go so wrong?" I wondered with some confused emotions in my chest, looking down at the journal in my hands.

Knowing that Marcel was the one who cursed the Greengrass family with a Blood Malediction was something unexpected, especially when I think about the fact that one of my classmates is from the Greengrass family, and that family is part of Sacred Twenty-Eight.

It's obviously not common knowledge that the Greengrass family suffers from a Blood Malediction, but with some in-depth research into the family it's easy to figure this out. However, I also know that it must be a disgrace for the Greengrasses that they, a family of purebloods, were cursed.

Being cursed by a bastard son of the family must have been a very bad event for the Greengrasses' reputation, and I have no doubt they did their best to hide that fact.

But leaving that aside, I took the new journal Marcel had given me and opened it.

The journal, as I said before, was filled with notes about various Blood Maledictions, and looking at the last few pages I found other types of curses and spells.

Some of them were the same ones I saw Marcel create in his memoirs, and the curse that stood out the most to me was the one specifically named 'Greengrass'.

Looking closely at the notes on how to cast this Blood Malediction, I was surprised by what I read.

"Fuck" was the only thing I managed to say, mainly because the list of ingredients and criteria needed to create the ritual are something worthy of a dark wizard, "I didn't expect those things Marcel used in the ritual to be this... Some of the things he did to get these items already make him a very evil dark wizard, but I can't blame him for becoming one" I muttered.

Some of the things that are required to do for the ritual to work could result in any witch or wizard being imprisoned in Azkaban for at least 50 years, and that's a positive estimate.

"Sigh... That was a lot for one day," I said, looking at my bedroom window and seeing that it was already dark.

'I think I'll go downstairs to get something to eat, and then I'll go to sleep... My mind needs to relax after so much information' I thought, taking the new journal and putting it in my suitcase, and disappearing with the remains of the old diary.


-January 4th-

"Well, it was a pleasure having you with us this Christmas and New Years. These were probably the most fun and interesting days we've had in decades," Nick said, his arm around Penny's waist.

"Yes, and you should visit us another time, otherwise we'll come after you" she threatened playfully, "Especially you Sarah, Merlin knows I haven't had such intelligent female companionship in a long time" she said.

"Don't worry, I'll come visit you again... Just please find another method of transportation other than a Portkey" my mom said, with a disgusted look on her face.

"Okay, I can make Nick come up with another method especially for you," Penny said, and Nick looked at her strangely.

'What I am? Some sort of inventor vassal?' he thought, not daring to say it out loud.

"Could you do that?" my dad asked Nick hopefully.

"Well... If I have the right materials and some research time... Yes, I can," he said.

"Amazing," my dad whispered, looking at Nick like he was a deity descending into the mortal world, and my mom and I both rolled our eyes at him.

"And you Ethan, come visit us and tell us about your time at school and how the British wizarding community is doing... Albus usually did this before he got busy with his many jobs to go with his many names" Nick said with a wry smile.

"Okay, but you're also going to have to tell me what wizarding communities were like back in the day," I said with a smile, and Nick nodded at me, smiling too.

"Come here" Penny said, coming up to me and hugging me tight, "Write us some letters, and use Fawkes to deliver them, he has to do some exercises since I bet he just stays in that office eating Lemon Drops"

"Yes... I'll write letters... For you" I said, trying to speak and breathe, but with her tight hug it got a little difficult.

"And so are you Cele," Penny said, this time turning to the little girl in my mother's arms.

"Yes, I'm also going to write a really big letter," she said, opening her arms to emphasize the size.

"Hehe, yes I know you will" Penny said, patting Cele's head.

As we were saying goodbye, the hoop in our hands that was the Portkey started to glow.

"Well then, I guess our time together on this vacation is over," Nick said, and I nodded.

"Yes, and I had a great time here. And again, thanks for the invite," I said, reaching my hand out to Nick, who simply pulled me into a hug.

"Next time we'll show you other amazing places, so leave your schedule free for the next vacation," he said, also talking to my parents.

"Okay, and next time, as a thank you for the books and journals you guys gave me, I'll bring you both a copy of the books I've written," I said, earning two surprised looks from the Flamels.

"Did you write a book?" Nick asked.

"Actually I wrote some, or more precisely I'm still finished writing two sagas" I replied.

"Oh, and what are these sagas?" Penny asked curiously, and the hoop my family was holding began to glow even brighter.

"One of them is called Inheritance Cycle and the other is called Percy Jackson," I said, and I saw Penny look at me with wide eyes.

"Wait— What?!" Penny exclaimed, but to her unhappiness the Portkey had already been activated and my family and I were teleported away.




"He's a boy full of surprises, right?" Nick said with an amused smile on his face.

"But... Inheritance Cycle... The author was so close, and I couldn't get his autograph..." Penny muttered, looking off into space with her hand stretched out in front of her as if trying to grab something.

'Sigh…yes, full of surprises' Nick thought.


-Nights' House-

After Portkey activated, my family and I found ourselves standing in our living room, with my dad leaning on his knees and my mom leaning on the couch with one hand while the other held Cele.

""I hate Portkeys"" they said.

"Look on the bright side, at least it wasn't a Knight Bus," I said, opening my suitcase and taking out the other bags inside.

"Hmm, true" my mom agreed.

"Phew!... Those were some very interesting days" my dad commented, plopping down in his armchair, I don't know if it was because of fatigue or if it was because of the 'turbulent' trip, "I think we have to unanimously agree that this vacation turned out to be the best we've had so far."

"That I have to agree" my mom said, putting Cele on the floor who grabbed her small suitcase and ran to her room, "Princess, lunch will be in 1 hour" my mother yelled, and we could hear a scream deep inside saying 'Yes mom'.

"She's getting more playful every day" my dad said, and he then turned to look at me, "And whose fault is that?" he asked rhetorically.

And I, like the good person that I am, started to whistle innocently.

"You know, maybe we can ask Nick and Penny to show us other magical communities on Ethan's next vacation," my mom said, sitting on the couch.

"That would be amazing. I'd like to see what the wizarding community in Africa is like" my dad said, "If the French and British communities are already so amazing, what will the others be like?" he asked aloud.

"Probably even more amazing," my mom said.

"And that, my dear parents, is all thanks to magic," I said, opening Nyx's cage, who came out stretching before jumping onto the couch to lie down.

'Lazy cat' I thought rolling my eyes.

"Well, long live the magic," my dad said, raising an imaginary glass to toast.

"Long live the magic" my mom said, doing the same.



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