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-The next day-

[POV – Ethan]

Just like any other day at 4 am, I was doing what any normal human being would do, which in this case is sleeping.

I was having a really good dream that involved a river of chocolate and 7 Victoria's Secret models, until I was suddenly awakened by a noise in my room.


"Huh!" I sat up quickly on my bed, waking Nyx who was beside me.

Looking at the source of the sound I saw Fawkes flying in front of me, looking at me in amusement.

"I still don't know why the hell my senses don't warn me of your arrival" I grumbled rubbing my eyes.

Fawkes, who heard what I said, vibrated softly in amusement. He then landed on my lap, and only after that did I realize he was carrying a letter in his clutches.

"A letter?" I muttered, still sleepy. After I looked at the letter confused for a while the realization hit me and I immediately took the letter that was with Fawkes, "A letter!" I exclaimed excitedly, causing Nyx to jump startled and start staring at me.

"Oops, sorry Nyx" I told her. I then turned to Fawkes, "Is this letter what I think it is?" I asked him hopefully, and he looked at me and nodded.

I then went back to looking at the letter in my hands, and without further waiting, I opened the letter and took out the parchment that was inside.

The handwriting alone showed that whoever wrote it had a lot of experience, since beautiful and perfect handwriting like this can only be acquired after a long time writing.

Putting that thought aside, I started to read the letter.


Hello our dear benefactor, the one writing to you is Nicolas Flamel, something you may have already noticed.

My wife and I read your letter, and we were impressed by your selflessness in trying to prevent our philosopher's stone from being stolen, and we were even more impressed by the fact that you came to us to try to return it.

But I think the other impressive thing you've done – already ramping up your mysterious touch – is being able to convince Fawkes to help you without Albus knowing. How you managed that I have no idea, but it demonstrates that Fawkes trusts you... a lot, so I'll trust my immortal friend and trust you too, not that you've shown that you need our distrust, quite the opposite.

But my thoughts aside, mainly because Penny is wanting me to finish the letter soon so she can read it, I'd like to extend an invitation to you.

My wife and I would love to have tea with you, our mysterious benefactor, which is why I would like to invite you to our home in France for your Christmas vacation. (We know you're probably in school right now)

So would you accept our invitation?

If you accept our invitation, just touch your wand to the back of the letter, and then we'll know you've accepted and we'll send a Portkey that will bring you and your family – which I assume will accompany you – to our house.

Oh, and we'll also send you a note informing you of the Portkey activation date and time.

Thank you for protecting the philosopher's stone!

Nicolas Flamel the Alchemist

And Perenelle Flamel, the wife of this mad Alchemist.

PS: When you come to our house I will make lots of cookies to go with the tea.

PPS: Would you like some dumplings too? I know of a few recipes I learned in Greece in 1754, and they are delicious.

PPPS: We also forgot to ask if you like tea. Maybe we should change—

Sorry, my wife is a little too excited to meet you, hehehe.

Have a good time, the Flamels.


When I finished reading the letter I stared at it in shock for a long time.

"I was invited to meet the Flamels" I whispered, "I was invited to meet the Flamels!" I exclaimed excitedly, scooping the scowling, confused Nyx into my arms and throwing her up.

After my little... Celebration, I quickly grabbed my wand from the table beside my bed and placed the tip on the back of the letter.

I then saw how the letter glowed a white color before returning to normal.

"I still can't believe I'm going to meet two of the most experienced and influential people in the wizarding world," I muttered in awe.

Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel are two of the most impressive people in the wizarding world, and I accepted and even agreed with that fact as soon as I read one of the theoretical books they wrote.

Not only are they smart, powerful, experienced, and influential, they are two of the few people I've seen who understand magic the way I do, and for that alone they've earned my admiration.

"I thought I was just going to send the stone to them and then this would be our first and last interaction, I didn't expect to be invited to their house for tea," I said aloud.

As I was lost in thought I heard a soft song, and turning around I saw Fawkes looking at me curiously.

"Thanks Fawkes, without you none of this would have happened," I said, reaching out and stroking him.

'Wait, wouldn't now be a good time to test Beast Talk's connection with a Phoenix?' I thought, but then I saw Fawkes relaxed in front of me, 'Nah, maybe another time. I'm very excited, so I probably won't be able to focus enough to open a connection'

"Sigh, with that I can cross something else off my list for this year," I said, relieved.

"But well, now that I'm so excited I won't be able to sleep again," I said aloud. I then put my hand on my chin, "Hmm, you know what, I think I'm going to play some more pranks on Lockhart"

As soon as I finished saying that I felt Fawkes vibrate, and looking at him I saw that he was looking at me with amusement and hope.

"Err... Do you want to help me with the pranks?" I asked slowly, and Fawkes vibrated once more in agreement.



"Meh, any help is always welcome" I shrugged.


"Yes Nyx, you can help too"


-The afternoon-

I was in the stone courtyard teaching the boys the Freezing Charm, a spell Professor Flitwick had given us in the last class the boys couldn't cast.

The spell was meant to immobilize or stop moving targets, but it only worked on living or animated things, and Stephen was serving as a target for the demonstration.

"I don't know why I agreed to this," he said.

"Yeah, neither do I, now shut up {Immobulus}!" I said, casting the spell faster than Stephen could react.

"Wow, that was quick" Anthony said in surprise, clapping his hands for me.

"That's what she said" Terry said looking at Anthony with a smirk on his face, and Michael and I who heard this held back the urge to laugh, with Lisa and Sue scowling at Terry, and Padma beside us looking at us confused.

'So young and innocent' I thought.

"Do you think I won't jinx you?" Anthony asked, looking at Terry menacingly.

"It's a little hard to take any of your threats seriously when we see how Hufflepuff you are" Terry chuckled.

"What did you mean by that?" we heard someone behind us say, and turning around we saw Susan and Hannah.

"Err... That the Hufflepuffs are the kindest, gentlest, loyal, amazing, and wonderful out of all four houses?" he said uncertainly.




"You convinced me" Susan said, and Terry sighed in relief, "But next time I'll lock you upside down in Filch's bathroom."

"Yes ma'am" Terry squeaked, and even I was startled and impressed by this threat.

''''Women are scary'''' was what went through the minds of the boys in the group.



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