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"A new friend Ethan?" Michael asked, looking at Luna curiously.

"Well...yeah" I shrugged, walking over to a free part of the couch, with Luna following me, "Maybe you should try to make some new friends too Michael, and with luck you can increase your friends total to 1"

"Haha" he chuckled dryly.

I then turned to Luna and started talking.

"Well Luna, I don't know if you know them, but these are my friends and classmates" I said, noticing that my friends started to pay attention to me, "This snobby looking one is Michael..."

"Said the one who has a Nimbus 2000" Michael grumbled, but I ignored it.

"The one with a book is Terry..."

"The smartest" Terry interrupted me to add to his presentation.

"Yeah, that's his dream. Well, that's Anthony..."

"The cutest" Anthony also interrupted me, and my right eye started to twitch.

"That's Stephen..."

"The funny – Ouch!"

"Next one to interrupt me is going to pay the Giant Squid a visit," I said with a menacing glare, putting my wand back in its holster.

"Oh! Can I pay a visit to Giant Squid?" Luna asked me innocently.

"Err... Do you want to visit the Giant Squid?" Terry asked Luna, looking at her strangely.

"Yes" she replied with a nod.

"You know that squid is... Well, giant?" Padma asked slowly, and Luna nodded her head looking more excited than before.




"Great, now we have a person almost or as crazy as Ethan" Terry said, throwing his hands up.

"Hey!" I exclaimed indignantly, "I'm not crazy... And you know very well that the Giant Squid is very docile and fun" I said.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean you should try to swim to the bottom of the Black Lake just to pet the damn Squid!" Anthony exclaimed.



"Fair" I said.

Just as I was about to try to use another argument to defend the Giant Squid, I heard someone laughing beside me.

"Hahahaha... You guys are weird" Luna said between her giggles.

My friends who listened to her started looking at her indignantly, and then they turned to look at me and for some reason I felt like they were blaming me.

"What?" I asked, and they just rolled their eyes.

'Why is it so strange to be called weird by Luna?' I asked myself, 'And besides, I'm not weird at all... I'm actually the most normal person here'


-At the Flamels' House-

[POV - Nicolas Flamel]

"Hmm, I'm pretty sure the cauldron is going to explode if I don't put in exactly 200 grams of bluebubble fungus powder," I muttered, scratching my chin as I stared at the bubbling purple liquid in my crystal cauldron.

"And now, where is my ingredient scale?" I wondered, looking around.

I then started looking around in my lab for my scale, throwing aside some papers that might be some invitations from important French government officials that I decided to ignore.

As I looked for the scale, the liquid in the cauldron began to bubble even more, looking like it was going to explode at any moment.

"Damn, I didn't find the scale," I said, and then started looking at the cauldron while scratching my head.

"Meh" I shrugged, taking a handful of bluebubble fungus powder in my hand. I then weighed the amount in my hand, dropping some of the powder back into the pot.

Feeling that the weight was roughly the same as expected, I threw the bluebubble fungus powder into the cauldron, and walked over to see what would happen, ignoring the fact that if I was wrong the cauldron would explode.

The liquid in the cauldron began to bubble even more, changing its color to a dark blue.

I then started looking at the cauldron, my eyes glowing with a blue glow, and just when I thought the cauldron was going to explode, the liquid began to calm down.

The liquid in the cauldron began to change, and in the end it took on a fluorescent lilac color and a creamy consistency, just the way I wanted it.

"Parfait!" I said happily switching to French, bottling the liquid.

"Darling! Fawkes is here with a letter for us!" when I finished bottling up all the liquid, I heard my wife Perenelle or Penny, which is the affectionate way I call her, call me.

"Fawkes? I wonder what Albus wants?" I asked myself, wiping my hands and walking out of my lab.

Arriving in the kitchen, I saw Fawkes as handsome as the day I'd met him, on the table being petted and pampered by Penny.

Looking closely at Fawkes I noticed that he was indeed holding a letter that was addressed to us, but that wasn't Albus' handwriting.

"Weird," I muttered, approaching Fawkes.

Walking past Penny and leaving a kiss on her cheek, I reached out my hand and brought it closer to Fawkes, letting him rest his head on it, where I stroked him.

"That letter is not from Albus, right?" I asked, and Fawkes vibrated.

"I also found this handwriting on the letter strange" Penny said, looking at the letter with her green eyes shining, "And I don't recognize the magic of whoever wrote that letter Nick"

"Whose letter is this my Immortal friend?" I asked Fawkes, who vibrated and sang happily, "Sigh... I sometimes forget how similar you are to Albus with those cryptic answers" I said with a nostalgic smile, and Penny beside me laughed amusedly.

"Well dear, I guess all we can do is open the letter and read it," Penny said.

"Yes" I said, taking the letter in my hand and looking at it with my eyes starting to glow again, "Hmm, this magic is too dense" I muttered.

Using a letter opener, I opened the envelope and took out the parchment that was inside.

I then sat down next to Penny, as the letter was addressed to both of us. Opening the parchment we begin to read its contents.




"Well... That's enlightening" I muttered once I finished reading the letter.

"Yeah, now we know what happened to the stone" Penny said. She then turned to look at me with a wry smile on her face, "And apparently Albus was right about the 'thief's' intentions and also about him trying to return the stone"

"Yes" I said, shaking my head with a smile on my face, "But now what I'm most interested in knowing is who this mysterious thief is about"

"Well... In the letter he or she didn't say much about himself, but it's easy to discern his personality, or at least some part of it," Penny said, and I had to agree with her.

From the letter alone, you can tell that this thief is someone intelligent, but with a good heart, and maybe even a little cunning, but with these characteristics he can be a student of any Hogwarts house.

Even age is difficult to find out from a letter alone.

"I guess we just have to write him a letter of reply," I said, using my wand to summon a quill and parchment. I then sat down in a chair and started writing the letter.

"Do you plan to tell Albus about this letter?" Penny asked me, and I stopped my quill.

"Well... This thief did all this hidden from Albus' eyes even though he was at his school, and I highly doubt that Albus knows about this letter, so I can only assume that this thief doesn't want him to know about it, at least not yet" I said after thinking for a moment.

"Makes sense" Penny said, "And I also think we should stop calling this student a 'thief', because he's our benefactor, right?"

"Hahaha, you're right honey," I said, and then went back to writing the letter.

After a few minutes, I finished writing the letter, and looked at it with satisfaction.

"Finished" I said.

"Do you plan on meeting our benefactor?" Penny asked.

"Oh no honey, it's actually the opposite... Our benefactor who will come to meet us" I said with a mischievous smile on my face, handing her the letter to read.

"Hmm, an invitation to have tea at our house?" she asked with a raised eyebrow, "I think it's appropriate" she smiled.



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