Sasuke Shippuden

I, a lover of Naruto fanfics found myself inserted into the universe. And as none other than Sasuke Uchiha, the famous emo ninja. What happens if I get a system, and a nerfed Saiyan bloodline fused with Hashirama's bloodline? What if I am made the protagonist and given plot amour as a passive skill along with other skills and titles that only the MC should have? What can the main character of a story achieve if he knows that he is the main character and is aware of his plot amour? Ask no more. Come, read and find out! For this is no longer 'Naruto Shippuden' but 'Sasuke Shippuden'! I have decided to dominate this world. So come watch me get OP! [ Warning: This story has manipulative mc, so if that isn't your cup of tea, please don't read. MC's personality is chaotic neutral...so you do see him do good here and evil there, but mostly just neutral...but sometimes he is more of a villain. So if you are looking for a hero mc please don't read. ] ________________ Author's Note: This is a harem story, BUT it will not be the focus of the story, never will. I have an interesting plot planned out so much so that even harem haters can read, they only have to skip the waifu parts of the story which will come much much later. I might make some changes to the characters or settings to suit my plot. Some tags of this story includes: StrongtoStronger, OPMC, Harem, ChaoticNeutralMc, ManipulativeMc, Action, Bloodlines,...etc [ Disclaimer: Naruto is not my original creation, all work and rights belong to its creator, I own nothing except my OC's.] Also you can support me on Patreon and get advanced chapters: >> See link — https://www.patreon.com/Brightvader

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ANNOUNCEMENT! Let's choose the rewrite together!

Okay, guys, we are gonna rewrite this fanfic together with some major changes.

Changes will be based on your answers and to answer any of the questions, click and hold on the paragraph it is written and comment your answer. (+1)

alright here we go.


1. When in canon would you want the MC to start?

A. At birth?

B. Just before the uchiha clan murder.

C. The Day of the academy graduation.

2. Harem or No-Harem?

A. Yes, Harem!

B. I hate harem so, No-Harem!

3. Weak to strong or strong from start?

A. Weak to Strong.

B. Strong from the start.

4. What is your most preferred cheat for the MC?

A. Can copy all bloodlines/abilities.

B. Extremely nerfed Saiyan bloodline/physique.

C. Instantly learning any jutsu and 1000% mastery buff.

D. Library of All Jutsus.

5. Villian, Hero, or Anti-Hero?

A. Hero!

B. Anti-Hero!

C. Villian! (The World Shall Know Pain!)


That's all, I will wait only for three days...and announce the results.

Thank you for your patience.