Samsara Online

In the year 2030, Samsara Online, a 100% immersive VRMMORPG that allows players to bring their innate real-world skills to the virtual world, is launched. With terrifying analytical ability, inhuman reflexes, and monstrous reaction speed, Xie Feng's travel starts into a world that he will gradually discover is not as normal as it seems. It was also from that moment that Xie Feng's life started to deviate from the norm, changing his destiny completely. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Note: In chapter 4 it might seem that something is forced, but trust me when I say that it is not. Everything has a logical reason, I just hope you continue reading to discover it! Note to readers who dislike the harem: The harem in this novel will not be like in 99% of the novels where the protagonist only picks up girls madly. This harem has a logical reason and a specific destiny connecting the protagonist with the girls. Believe me, if it wasn't a harem, at the end of the story you would just cry. Tags: Romance - Harem - R +18 - System - Reincarnation - Virtual Reality - Game elements - Student life - Mystery - Espers - Revenge - Cultivation - Gods - Demons - Angels - Fantasy - Adventure - Strong to Stronger - Cruel MC ********** Support me: https://www.patreon.com/XIETIAN

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495 Chs

Abyssal Dragon that cannot be defeated (Part 8)

As for the second reason why Xie Feng decided to climb the giant Abyssal Dragon's body to the top instead of just climbing a part of it, it was because he wanted to make use of Ling Long's attacks in the best possible way. 

By attacking where the scales had been broken by Ling Long's powerful fists, Xie Feng's attacks could practically ignore all the defense of the Abyssal Dragon that had been weakened by Shen Xinya's destiny skills. Moreover, if he attacked the head, the damage could be increased by another notch unlike if he attacked a foot or a claw; after all, the head was the weak point of any creature and the damage received in that area was a lot more dangerous.

Although Samsara Online was a virtual world that was governed by stats, simple and basic things like this were no different from the real world.