1 Madara/kaguya's victory


I don't own anime Naruto and I don't own its characters as a pure evidence that they are owned by Masashi Kishmoto. But the story is a fanfic and is my idea completely. I own the plot and ideas.


Naruto failed to turn Obito to good side before Madara discarded him. Zetsu taking advantage of Madara's distraction killed him.Madara's death awakened Kaguya.

Zetsu then attached himself to the revived Kaguya. She trapped the last remaining army of shinobi alliance in the genjutsu.

Only 4 people were left behind;

Sasuke and Kakashi due to sharingan, Naruto due to kurama and Sakura being near to her teammates was free from the influence of the genjutsu.

Team 7 converged to inflict damage to Kaguya. Zetsu separated from Kaguya and lied deep to take advantage and attack.

Meanwhile Naruto attacked with Rasengan. Zetsu taking advantage of given opportunity went to attack Naruto from his blind side. Sasuke saw this with his sharingan and intercepted the attack with his body, killing him on the spot.

Kaguya seeing Naruto's distraction hit him on a vital spot. Kakashi using last of his chakra transported Naruto and Sakura to a hidden place. While he himself collapsed dead from lack of chakra.

Sakura started healing Naruto but he held her hand, he then cast a jutsu and tapped her forhead. He could feel his life force draining, with his last breath he told Sakura to prevent the war.

Sakura then felt herself becoming translucent till she disappeared with tears in her eyes from witnessing her teams death.

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