1 chapter one

Sakura p.o.v

Ever since sasuke came back everyone but hinata been treating me like shit and I'm getting tired of it

that bitch Karin don't make it any better she spread rumors about me and yes everyone. But hinata

believe her over me someone they knew since we were little but I guess that don't matter to them, they don't care about all the times I been there for them and how I would die for them in all honesty

I don't even try anymore, there no point on trying they won't listen and they won't understand me so what's the point

"lady tsunade have requested you immediately "an ambu said I just nodded and start to walk to the tower when I got there I knocked on the door and waited to hear her to say come in

When I walked in I saw all the konoha 12 they where just glaring at me with so much hate "You wanted my lady tsunade "asked as I bow in respect

"Yes you are here band out of  the leaf village you leave in three days so you should get to packing"I just stand there emotionless, you can say that all the love and loyalty I had left for this village is gone.

I did everything for them and this damn fucking village and what do I get in return, I get nothing but disrespect and I'm done with it, I'm done with everything

"Okay I'll be gone in two days oh and I will get my revenge on all you and this village will suffer as much as I had suffer oh and  I'll save you for last and kill you slowly lady tsunade "I said with an evil smile

as I was about to walked out I turn around and active my Rinnesharingani can hear gasped all around the room I just walked out and head home to start packing some things I will need

~one hour later ~

After I got done packing I sat down to read a book for a little while to think about where would I go but before I could even get to page 5 someone knocked on my door I went to answer it when I open the door I saw naruto , sasuke and Karin

"What do you guys want "I asked annoyed that they are here and in my present "how do you have the Rinnesharingani" the bitch Karin asked

"Don't worry about it and it's nun of your business now can you guys leave and never come near me again" I said as I was about to close my door  naruto stuck his foot in the way I just looked at him with a bored look on my face

"Look here freak  she asked you a question so answer or you will get hurt  week ass bitch"he said I just started laughing at them then punch naruto in the face I sent him flying I looked at the other two while closing my door and locking it

It's 6:58pm time to take a shower and head to bed I will leave tomorrow morning

~the next day~

My alarm went off letting me know it's time to get up and leave this damn village for good

i did my morning routine then grabbed the scrolls that contains all the stuff I'll need to survive then head out the door to the gates. But before I left the village I blew up Tsunada tower

"Sakura wait !!"

My alarm went off letting me know it's time to get up,get ready and leave this damn village for good

I did my morning routine then grabbed the scrolls that contains all the stuff I'll need to survive then head out the door to the gates. But before I left the village I blew up Tsunada tower

"Sakura wait !!"


Sakura p.o.v

I heard someone call my name I turn around to see hinata running towards me I looked at her giving her a questionable look

"Hinata what wrong?" I asked her "im coming with you I have everything packed and ready to go "

I looked at her like she was crazy but asked her if she was sure that she wants to come with me

" yes I am you are like a sister to me, you was always there for me no matter how bad the other treated you and you help me with my flaws so im here to do the same for you "

i just smiled at least i wont be alone

"Lest go then" she nodded at me giggling, while we left the leaf village for good but soon we will be back to make them suffer and I will make sure of that

~five hours of walking ~

"Sakura there a village in one mile of us" I nodded my head "okay let see if we can stay for couple days "i said we kept moving

"So sakura what are we going to do? Hinata asked i just shrugged "ill think of something "i said ,In all honesty I don't know what we going to do

~another two hours later~

"Sakura We are here"


it's beautiful, flowers and herbs of all kind a breathtaking waterfall this village is like heaven me and hinata both thought

"Okay lets go see if we can stay for couple of nights" she nodded and walked towards the village gate

when I tell you how depressing it looks building are run down and it seem like it was also abandoned by its  Hokage

There were no guards at the gate so we just walked in and walked to the nearest hotel

"Hi my name is sakura and this is hinata we want a one bedroom with two beds plz"i asked the lady

Hello welcome to the land of flowers and sorry no we don't have any available rooms, all of our room are in use but you guys can stay with me my name is mia"i smiled at her "no its okay we don't want to be a burdened to you" I said politely

"No its okay you guys is no burdened at all you guys seem like good people "i nodded my head and said thank you mia

~three weeks later~

This village grew on me and hinata. We want to help them in anyway we can so i decided to reach out to the villagers

"Hinata I decided that we should become Hokage for this village and help them" I explain to her "well i think you should be the Hokage and I can be the ambu"

I looked at her I think about about it "maybe I should, okay yeah I will "hinata clapped her hands happily I just laugh at her childness "okay lets go to the Hokage tower "

I said she just nodded and I teleport us to the Hokage tower i walked up the balcony used some charkra to make my voice louder

"Villagers of land of flowers my name is sakura haruno and this is hinata hyuga we want to help you guys rebuilt this village. Be  your guys Hokage and ambu, we will protect you guys train all the ninjas in combat, taijutsu, ninjutsu,stamina and  for the medical ninjas we will train you guys in the medical field to be the best healers of them all only if you guys lets us be your Hokage and help you "i yelled to them

"I say we let them what do we have to lose and they seem to want to help us  "one of the villagers said then all of them started to agree and cheer i smiled today is going to be a good day.

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