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A spaceship lands in the Texas desert. The person inside is not a Superman from Krypton, but a survivor of the fighting race Saiyans. The otaku with the Saiyan Revival System struggled to accept his new identity – Broly. The super boss in Dragon Ball The Movie, the legendary Super Saiyan. Afterimage Boxing, Turtle Style Qigong, Vitality Bullet, Human, Universal Capsule! Broly thought he was about to start a career of chopping wires with a kitchen knife, sparking lightning all the way, but who knew? DISCLAIMER THIS IS A TRANSLATION FIC SO YOU HAVE BE WARNED.

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Chapter 1

At night in Texas, a scorch mark over fifty meters long appeared in the desolate desert. At the end of the scorch mark was a huge crater more than thirty meters in diameter.

In the center of the crater, a spherical spacecraft is embedded in the underground rock. After experiencing extremely high temperatures and violent impacts, the metal shell did not deform at all. There was a harsh exhaust sound, and the metal hatch slowly opened. A hand reached out.

A tall young man with long black hair stepped out of the cabin, a long tail swinging behind him.

"Broly! Broly! I'm hungry!"

On his shoulders, a spiky-headed girl sat on his shoulders, clenching her hands into small fists and repeatedly punching the young man's head.

She was so strong that she hit the young man's head with a bang. When she saw that the young man didn't react, she opened her mouth wide and bit him.

The young man grabbed the girl's tail, and the girl seemed to lose all strength immediately. She fell limply from the young man's shoulders and was carried in his hands like a rabbit.

"I'm hungry too. If you make trouble again, I'll eat you!"

Broly looked at his reflection in the glass hatch of the spaceship.

The person on the glass is very tall, with a height of 1.87 meters, and the body is only twelve years old. If he was really Broly in Dragon Ball, he would be at least another forty-five centimeters taller. He has wild and unruly long black hair, extremely thick eyebrows, and an angular face. According to the aesthetics of the 1980s and 1990s, he could be considered a majestic man.

After traveling through time and becoming a Saiyan, he seems to have become particularly irritable, unable to control his anger.

Just half an hour ago, he was watching "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" that he had just downloaded in his rented house. For a moment, he was in a trance, and his consciousness appeared in the narrow spaceship, and a deep male voice sounded in his mind.

[Ding, congratulations to Saiyan Broly for activating the system, the system is loading, please wait. ]

Broly raised his eyebrows and waited silently. A moment later, the male voice sounded again in his mind.

[The Saiyan resurrection system is loading. I am King Vegeta. Did you work hard to revive the Saiyans today? ]

 King Vegeta is supposed to be Vegeta's father. Isn't he a bastard with only 10,000 combat power? How could he create such a system that is beyond reality? It's also like an MLM course.

In addition, King Vegeta's rich bass sounded in his mind, which really gave him goosebumps.

"Um, can you change the voice of the system?"

As soon as Broly finished speaking, a strong electric shock immediately penetrated his body.

[This system is for the resurrection of the Saiyan, a race of warriors. The host is asked not to seek pleasure. ]

Breathing out a puff of black smoke, Broly looked a little embarrassed. He clicked on the system interface, and a property panel immediately appeared in his field of vision.

[Saiyan Revival: Broly

Strength: 12~16 (8)

Physique: 12~16 (8)

Agility: 11~15 (8)

Intelligence: 4~6 (8)

Perception: 14 (8)

Charisma: 9 (8)

System prompt: The rules of the host's dimensional universe are different from those of this universe. Please make a reasonable estimate of your own strength. The averages are in parentheses. The attributes increase exponentially, with each additional point increasing by one-third. Because the legendary Super Saiyan will continuously increase his fighting power through anger, only the range of attribute changes under normal conditions is given. This system does not provide real-time attribute monitoring.


Saiyan Bloodline: Whenever you are near death, your combat power increases greatly.

Rage Form: As the legendary Super Saiyan, when extremely angry, he uses the human form to exert the power of the giant monkey form. The speed and strength increase by 5 times, and the judgment, control and rationality are reduced to half of their original form. one.

Infinite physical strength: As the legendary Super Saiyan, you have almost unlimited physical strength. Ordinary battles are not enough to exhaust your energy.

Skills: None.

Resurrection Points: 0

Main mission: Occupy a habitat for the Saiyans on this planet.

Submission: After the destruction of the Saiyans on the planet Vegeta, the population has decreased. Please spread the bloodline as soon as possible to increase the number of Saiyans.

(ps: There is no harem plot in this book)

Twelve years later, King Frieza will come to Earth with full fighting power. Please, don't be hedonistic and try to get yourself strengthened as soon as possible. ]

Since he only has 0 points, he can only click on the properties panel at this time and does not have permission to view other pages. As for Frieza, who is twelve years old.

He just smiled. Now he is the legendary Super Saiyan. With a single hand, a small figure like Frieza can be crushed.

Broly was thinking about the information he got from the system when he felt a sharp pain in his leg. When he lowered his head, he saw that the girl in his hand was biting his calf with an open mouth.

"Broly! I'm hungry!"

She raised her eyebrows and shouted angrily.

He had a headache.

"May I have your name?"

Although the girl was hanging upside down, she still said in a very proud tone.

"Kakarot, my name is Kakarot! I'm hungry, Broly!"

Broly's lips twitched.

"What the hell is this attitude?"

No matter how absurd the scene in front of him was, he had no choice but to accept it. Entering the atmosphere, he had a bird's eye view of the ground, which showed traces of a large number of intelligent life activities. The spherical spaceship of the Saiyan has definitely attracted their attention, and this is not a place to stay for long.

Broly took out the combat power detection goggles from the spaceship, put them on his head, and then wrapped his arms around the spherical spaceship, preparing to hide it in a hidden place.


The spaceship didn't move at all, and his waist twisted.

"How can this be!"

Broly rubbed his sore waist. As an older Dragon Ball fan, he knew that Broly had a fighting power of up to 10,000 not long after he was born. How could it be that Broly could not lift a spaceship.

Unbelieving, he looked at his hands and pressed the power measuring glasses on his left eye. The numbers on the glasses jumped for a while, and finally two numbers appeared, fifteen and three.

There are only two people here, Fifteen is himself, and Three is probably Kakarot. Is this the reason for the rules of the universe that the system calls? With a fighting power of fifteen, how could he establish a colony on this planet?

Moreover, his strength has decreased by more than ten million times. Twelve years later, he is not optimistic about facing Frieza at full strength.

It is not suitable to stay here for a long time. Since the ship cannot be moved, it can only be left here. Holding Kakarot in his hands, Broly quickly left the spherical ship's landing site.

He pressed the combat power detection goggles. The combat power detection glasses in the original work can easily cover Namek, which has an area much larger than Earth, making it easy to detect nearby human settlements. The nearest human settlement is eighty kilometers to the southwest.

The Saiyan's physical strength is much greater than that of Earthlings. He ran for twenty kilometers in the desert before he stopped.

The stars and the moon in the sky as well as the plants in the desert convinced him that this is Earth. It's just that Broly is not sure if this is the Earth in the Dragon Ball world.

Relying on the Saiyan's inhuman physical strength, he chased a North American bighorn sheep until it fell to the ground, peeled it with a sharp stone, cleaned its internal organs, skewered it with tree branches, and roasted it over a campfire.

There was no seasoning, Broly's barbecuing skills were also very poor, and because the bighorn sheep was wild, it had a terrible fishy smell, and the barbecued meat tasted simply awful. Nevertheless, the two of them ate the whole sheep as fast as they could, until only the skeleton was left.


Broly wiped his greasy hands in the sand, rested his head on a large rock, and prepared to sleep.

Kakarot's small body huddled under his armpit, sound asleep. She was five years younger than Broly and seven years older at this time, but it looked like the age difference between them was more than ten years. Her head was not hit like in the original. She is still a standard Saiyan child, irritable and aggressive, and only shows a trace of childishness when she sleeps.

Early in the morning, Broly felt short of breath, and when he woke up, he found that Kakarot had stepped on his face. A strong anger arose in his mind, and he had the idea of tearing her apart.

He suppressed the desire for destruction and stood up. This body did not inherit Broly's explosive fighting power, but rather his easily uncontrollable temper. If it weren't for Broly's efforts to control him, Kakarot would have been killed by him several times.

This time, instead of a bighorn sheep, he caught a large lizard. This lizard was sixty centimeters long, with a very thick body. It had colorful yellow and pink markings on its tawny body and had a good amount of meat.

This lizard might be highly poisonous, but Saiyans are never picky about food, so the two roasted the lizard on the campfire and ate it for breakfast.

After taking care of the tracks, Broly put Kakarot on his neck and jumped forward. Only fifteen points of combat power is absolutely useless.

He hadn't learned any martial arts in his previous life, so he could only pick up what he learned in gym class.

"Ding! The host trains hard to revive the Saiyan. If the host jumps another twenty-five kilometers, the system will award ten resurrection points and a beginner's gift pack. ]

Under the scorching sun of the desert, I jumped nearly ten kilometers in one breath. Although I had enough physical strength, my body was about to reach its limit. But the prompts that appeared from the system made him grit his teeth and persevere.

In this strange world, he has a very strong sense of insecurity, and only stronger strength can give him a sense of security.

Drops of sweat fell onto the scorching desert, evaporating into heat in an instant. Every muscle trembled, and his throat was as dry as if he were about to smoke. Kakarot's light body on his back now weighed a thousand pounds, and the heat from the scorching sun in the sky seemed to dry the earth. Such a harsh environment only aroused the anger in Broly's body that came from Broly.

His already muscular body suddenly grew taller again. New strength surged out of his body and he jumped the remaining fifteen kilometers in one breath.

"[Ding! Well done! They are indeed the proud Saiyans! Please accept ten resurrection points and a newbie gift package. The System Shop has also been unlocked. ]

King Vegeta's encouraging voice rang in his head.

Broly forcefully shook off the feeling of disobedience in his mind, suppressed his fatigue, rubbed his hands, and opened the gift package.

[Congratulations to the host, you have obtained the Satan Battle Skill! ]

Satan's fighting skill seemed to be very strong, was it the fighting skill of the God of Death? Broly was a bit surprised, but before he could be happy for a long time, his face froze.

etc.! That Satan was not supposed to be that Satan.

Broly desperately scanned the stream of information pouring into his mind. He guessed right. Satan was indeed the most powerful Mr. Satan on Earth. The strongest fighting power he showed was smashing fourteen tiles with his bare hands in front of Cell.

Forget it, it's better than nothing. I hope that after learning Satan's fighting skills, my hairline won't recede like his. He is still very happy with this long black and thick hair.

Your gift is the motivation for my creation. Give me more motivation!

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