16 Weird Kid Chp 15


"So, did you figure out anything?" Asks Baraquiel to Azazel

"Nope, every bit of his DNA is human, but he is definitely not, I can't find any trace of Youkai DNA in him," Answers Azazel

Baraqiel sighs at that

"Well, there is that, I guess the only way to figure out what he is, is by him telling us," Says Baraqiel

"You went over the video?" Asks Azazel

"Yes, he let his feelings be known,"

"To be fair, nothing about what he said was wrong though," Said Baraqiel

"No, no I don't think so either," Said Azazel sighing

"Do you think Father knew what would become of humanity after he stripped their gifts away?" Asks Baraqiel

"Oh, he did for sure, his sight of the future was only ever approached by Indra. What I am wondering is why did he?"


"Something the kid said that stuck with me," he says and elaborates some more

"The way that he talked about a god's energy, and how he just described it as just another form of energy. I just can't wrap my head around that. All this time I just thought of it as if it was something more but for some reason, I can't think of why I didn't consider it just another form of energy," says Azazel before he shakes his head

"Going over something else is the sheer anger and hatred for the gods, something like that doesn't come from nowhere," Says Azazel

"Indeed, but when could he have come in contact with a god, as far as our reports show he has been in Kyoto for the majority of his recent time,"

"So many questions and so few answers," says Baraqiel

"Do you have something to ask of him for another Sacred Gear?" Asks Baraqiel

"I have thought of some stuff, but he was pretty clear that he won't join our side, and asking him to help us at least to get us in better standing with the devils. But, I have to see if would be willing to help us," Says Azazel

"Which gears are left from the ones that he wants?"

"Sturdy Saint, and Strategy Trap,"

"Huh, I would have thought he would have asked for something more,"

"Me too,"


What if everything from the bible was real?

Put aside all of that science stuff and just think of what if it is real?

According to the Bible, humans were not meant to suffer, but instead, they are

Sure, it happened in the Garden of Eden

Now, what if someone who thought of it as a story learned that IT IS REAL

How does that make the person feel on an emotional level

To learn that you were screwed from the beginning, for something that is of no fault but that of your ancestors, why are you forced to suffer and expect to take it like a good little boy

Wouldn't that make any human angry?

To know that they are forcefully repressed to the point that they are acting like monsters because someone decided to make it so

In the bible, Adam and Eve were told to not eat from the forbidden tree often depicted as an apple but the truth is that no one but the angels and their leader knows what fruit it was

Humans were made to be immortal, not the tree itself

So if it was a tree that meant that it would have lived at most 150 years if we follow other trees, but due to its effects maybe 400 or 600 years

So, does that mean that they had to outlive the tree?

Who knows

What is known is that their descendants are paying the price

Some might say that they have paid far more than just that

So much suffering as a result

What would happen to a human that learned that Heaven exists and that he and the rest of humanity were forced to suffer for no fault of their own

What if a human was given the chance to strike back in revenge for the suffering that not just they endured but every other human has

The pain, the anger, the hopelessness

What if a human or at least a former human had a chance to take revenge for what they all went through?

Will they take it?

Will they ignore it?

Will they decide not to?

Who knows?

Maybe someone will one day figure it out or not

After all, humans were created to be in the image of god were they not

If so, why are they treated horribly by everyone else

Is it greed, lust, pride or is it something else

Anger at being shown their true self in every sense of the word

Because they looked at a mirror and hate it

When people say that god has a plan for all of us is it true, if it is wouldn't that make god evil

Afterall, was it his plan for a woman to be raped and then murdered, was it his plan for her to die as well

Was it his plan for a child to die burning alive from a natural forest fire

If it is all a part of his plan why did he plan such acts

We may never know

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