17 Showcase of Might.

As the dust settled and the sunlight illuminated what remained from the regiment, devastation was all that could be seen.

An enormous crater was created on the land, ash started to fall into it as glass surrounded the place.The extreme heat generated from the blast glassed the earth.

Cries of agony started to raise, as others groaned in pain. On the now wasteland lay down hundreds of bodies amidst the charred remains of the mechanised cavalry.

The smell of charred flesh was nauseating. Some soldiers stumbled as they weren't able to keep their balance, their eardrums were torn by the explosion as blood oozed from their ears.

Many fell to their knees and started crying, others looked lost at the destruction.

The Inquisitor, his cadre and the sisters of battle looked over with a somber expression. Some were even looking with dread.

What was in front of them was beyond what a regular xenos could achieve, or an insignificant psyker.

His floating figure slowly descended as he moved towards them. Bann eyed his enemies with a plain look, he was sure by now that the Imperial forces understood the difference between them.

"This could have been prevented, those soldiers could have lived and see the day to fight against the true menace in this world, the orks. Yet this is the path your decisions led." Bann opened his mouth as he gathered the attention.

"I came here with the intention of negotiating. Yet I only received undeserved violence, is this what the Emperor's Imperium fell into? A mix of zealous fools that don't know what's good for them?" His words echoed while the few soldiers that still preserve their hearing listened to his words.

"Silence you wretched being! Do not spout such venomous words, for the Imperium's greatness is beyond what you could understand!" Palatine Ursula shouted at him while picking up a lasgun and shooting at him.

Bann eyed the still laser beam coming at his way, he spotted the others sisters picking up weapons, seemingly frozen on time.

Sighing he let the beam hit his body while the sisters opened fire once again.

Yet the rest didn't fired at the saiyan as it was clear for everyone to see he seemed to be inmune to the damage made by their weapons.

"You're not only wasting your ammo and strength, but also your time." Bann opened his arms as he tapped the ground. He walked forward towards the Inquisitor Gannicus who was looking at him with clear consternation.

"Call for reinforments if you want, but it would be futile. Order your men to march elsewhere and look for the orks." Bann ordered to Gannicus.

The Inquisitor face morphed into a furious one "I would not do such thing! It is you that needs to be hunt down." Seeing the man not willing to cooperate Bann moved his hand and choked the man.

His cadres immediately moved to his sides and opened fire at Bann's figure, yet he remained stoic.

A small barrier engulfed not only him, but the Inquisitor too.

Ammo seemed to stand still while the psyker attacks only crashed with the barrier, unable to penetrate.

"For the other people in command, move your troops away and search for the pest. Or else this man is dead." With those words said, Bann dissapeared from the spot while he blitzed away at his highest speed towards the base.

Gannicus couldn't even look to the surround as the sheer speed that Bann reached made him unable to see anything but a blur.

In just a moment the two approached the saiyan base, Bann heard the Inquisitor grunting in pain as the G forces almost killed him.

Throwing his body to the ground, he chained the man with ki chains on his limbs while he eyed the alarmed Cielo.

"Take care of him in the meantime, I'll be back." With those words he flew away.

Cielo wasn't even able to said a word to Bann as she looked over the bloodied and pale Inquisitor as she made her way towards the man position.

Gritting her teeth as the sonic boom echoed she tried to speak to the man, but found him unconscious.

Yet it didn't take long before she heard another boom as Bann appeared once again with two figures under his arms.

Tapping the ground he put the two females with gentleness as he looked over Cielo "Try to speak with these two, the one with robes accompanied the Inquisitor over there. Let them know it would be worthless to try and escape." Bann pointed with his finger at Gannicus while Cielo opened her eyes wide at the mention of his rank.

"And with this girl here you can help her get inside, if she tries to follow the order from those two, just tell her that she's now standing higher up than them." As Bann said this, he gulped down while he eyed the short haired Guardsmen, the same enchanting smell filled his nose making him dizzy.

Cielo who saw the lustful glint on Bann's eyes looked troubled while she asked him "Why did you brought her? I can understand the Inquisitor and his follower, but she?" Cielo pointed to the seemingly normal Guardsmen laying on the ground.

Bann looked over the sister of battle and with a smile simply told her "She's going to be my concubine." And turned around.

"Now, I'll be going for a while, I have to make deals with the nobles in the city so be a good girl and take care of these people, will ya'?" Bann turned his face as he gave a smuglish grin to Cielo.


The land before his feet was blasted away as he dissapeared in the sky.

Cielo could only let out a deep sigh of exasperation. With closed eyes she prayed "O my Emperor, what else do you expect from me?"

She didn't know what to say at these people once they woke up. She was a traitor now by all means and they would undoubtedly want to kill her once she showed friendliness or even a slight favor at Bann.

'I guess I'll be taking the prisoner card.' She thought to herself while letting out a sight. Her mind was now working to provide a good alibi.

Such was her fate...


Meanwhile Bann approached at great speed towards Redentia with a clear goal on his mind. Buy the loyalty of the nobles.

'By now they probably know who I am, right?' He wondered to himself as the grey stone walls of the feudal city made themselves clear.

Bann body suddenly tensed as his eyes eyed the extremely slow motioned missiles, artillery shell, and other kind of energy weapons coming at his way.

Letting his ki encroach his body, he resume his flying as he swiftly located the fortress that held the governing palace.

Eyeing the streets he saw guardsmen alongside the garrison heading towards the fortress. Raising his eyes he looked over the square that held a couple thousand people moving in alarm.


Landing in the middle of square, Bann let the dust settle as he saw the weapons aimed at him. Noticing the trembling hands on some of them made Bann let out a slight grin.

"Call the local nobles or whoever is in highest position from this world, I came to discuss a few things." Bann spoke while he advanced forward.


"Hold your fire!"


As Bann keep stepping forward he heard the shouts of the officers as they tried to stop their soldiers from killing them all.

Soon enough, a few figures clad in fancy clothes with Imperium regalia and motifs appeared in front of him. Their faces looked somber as they eyed the saiyan.

A man with a laser eye and bald head stepped forward and spoke to Bann "Follow us inside. And please refrain from attacking us."

Bann let out a chuckle with a laugh as he answered to the man "Quite shameless of you for asking that after such receiving. But I will. Heh."

As he followed the officers lead, Bann took a moment to inspect the people surrounding him, there were various abhumans alongside mutants. Be it people with three eyes, cat-people, ogryns, and all kind of interesting combinations.

'It seems like a freakshow, crazy that they are so vicious against the eldars as even them look more... human than some of these guys.' Bann couldn't help but think to himself as he eyed the scenery.

His gaze however was soon occupied by the figure standing below the frame of a double door with intricate carvings, there a tall woman with fiery red hair and icy eyes looked over him. Her gorgeous face accompanied by the green dress she wore made her stand out like a proud flower amidst the scene.

Bann's eyes couldn't help but roam down to the woman figure as he saw her wide hips giving her an hourglass figure, while her pristine legs left a hint of intrigue to see the rest hidden behind the green clothes. His whole attention was taken by the woman that he didn't noticed the other nobles nor the officers looking over at him.

"Ahem." The bald man that lead him coughed to get his attention, being successful "These people are the nobles and dignitaries from Redentia, please lets get inside so we can talk."

As Bann advanced he was able to sense the various individuals being extremely tensed while at the same time their faces sweated profusely. Be it male or females they were using their handkerchief to clean the drops on their faces.

While their wandering eyes betrayed their anxiety.

"I want those things away from the room where we'll be standing." Bann suddenly said after seeing various skulls, cherubims and servitors moving alongside them.

The officers ordered with haste for the servitors to be taken away as they walked through the marbled floors while Bann scanned the place.

The architecture was clearly grandiose while fine works were adorning each corridor with elegance. Paintings featuring different individuals alongside unique carvings and statues could be seen around.

'This would be a nice place to live.' Bann pointed to himself while the tapping sounds of their footsteps echoed around.

They came into halt once they reached a door with ebony wood, two habaldiers were standing at each side of the door guarding.

A servant opened the door as the nobles and officers made hastily their way inside. Sitting into the various ornamentated seats that looked expensive at Bann's eyes.

The high ceiling of the room alongside the ecclesiastical painting on the roofs gave a grand splendour to the chamber, the white marble of the floor was accompanied with a intrinsic pattern that pointed towards the middle of the chamber. There in a small circular stand with five steps is where Bann stood proudly in front of the nobles.

At his sides below the stairs the officers stood together while they tried to give an stoic facade.

Bann looked over the chamber as he tried to spot any opening or window that could be useful if it was necessary.

"By now I expect all of you to know who I am, or better said, what I am capable of." Bann spoke after finishing with his assessment.

"I am Bann, from a race of proud warriors that conquered worlds and galaxies alike. We're called saiyans and we held a power beyond what any of you could fathom." He took his pause to gaze each one of the individuals in the chamber.

Resting his eyes on the woman once again he resumed "As you have seen I've already defeated the Imperial Guard and the forces of the Inquisitor." His words made the nobles gulp down in fear as the servitors clearly showcased his feat. It was something broadcasted to the various capitals on the planet.

"So without the excuse of your sorry defenses I am here to make our demands clear." His deep voice took a ruthless tone suddenly "This world and it's moon would fall into our control. We expect not only yours but the population loyalty."

His words stuck like lightning at each individual present as Bann keep saying his demands "You will be producing what we require and last but not least, you'll be providing your finest woman to produce our heirs. With this we will ensure that your families are tied with our fate."



With a plain look, Bann raised one arm and with a motion of his hand, he let his ki blast the head of the Empire officers leaving behind two pink mist and a terrified audience.

"I am not asking, this is what is about to happen. Of course there is something else in return for you all." Bann showcased now a more amiable face.

Yet it was evident that every single noble aside from a pair was extremely tensed and horrified.

Suddenly a enchanting voice asked with interest "What is that you will offer to us?"

Bann turned towards the origin and saw the red-haired woman looking at him.

Smiling at her he answered "The most important of them all is us. This world would be under the protection of the saiyan race, nothing this galaxy has to offer would shake this planet." Bann spoke with confidence as he started to float.

"But most importantly, we will provide you with technology far superior than anything the empire could ever offer. Ships capable of moving to nearby system in a couple of minutes, armor sturdy enough to even withstand those annoying lasers, medical advance far beyond you could imagine, and many more." Bann opened his arms wide as he and the woman continue staring each other.

"Is that all?" The woman asked with a plain tone.

"Is the birth of an Empire such a small matter for you to ask such question?" Bann grinned while he asked her back with amusement.

Aurora shook her head while she raised from her seat and walked forward "It wouldn't be the case sire if we didn't spoke about the possible retaliation from the Imperium of Mankind itself." There was respect on the woman voice.

Though it wasn't for what the Imperium represented, but for it's might.

"Oh dear, it is not them whom you should fear. But us." As Bann said that he let out a ki blast through the opened window he previously spotted.

Only the sizzling sound of the ki flying could be heard for a brief moment until a explosion was heard from afar.


Redentia trembled while the nobles eyed with terror at the man floating in the high ceilings of the Chambers. For all their lives they felt not only reverence to the figure of the Emperor, but the Imperium itself.

Many heard and saw what the armies were capable of. Yet for once they felt sheer and utter fear at the presence of the saiyan.

"Now, shall we sit and speak the details?"


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