5 Chapter 05

I quickly teleported to Brightburn and punched him to the ground.

Homelander turned his gaze towards me floating in the air as Brightburn uninjured got up from the crater in the ground.

Eric can quickly finish off the two superhumans but refrains as he wants to accumulate experience with fighting superhumans.

"Who are you? You are not human," asked Homelander.

'Did he scan me now?'

"Your partner is also not human."

"Who are you two?"

"Why are you destroying this city?"

Eric knows the identity of the duo but he can't reveal that as the camera in Homelander's hand was broadcasting live their conversations.

"I am Homelander and He is Brightburn."

"Why are we doing this?"

"It's simple."

"I can do whatever I want because I am stronger."

"I am Homelander!"

He answered in a voice filled with conviction with the notion that he can do anything he wants because of who he is.

"You can call me Brightburn."

"I am superior to humans."

"I can crush them like bugs."

"I am God to them."

"A God can do anything he wants."

Answered Brightburn as his voice got dark and his eyes glowed eerie red.

"I see."

"You have introduced yourself. So it's mine turn now."

"I am a member of the race called Saiyans."

"My planet was destroyed and my parents sent me to this planet to protect my life."

"I was raised on this planet my whole life."

"My birthname is Kakarot."

"You believe that you are stronger than humans."

"You can do whatever want."

"So, I also want to do what my heart says."

Homelander smiled before it disappeared as a heat vision hit Brightburn sending him flying to a building.

"I don't like your behavior."

Eric introduced himself not only to the duo but to the whole world.

His goal was to gain a little goodwill from his origin and emotional points for his template.

Brightburn template fusion:100%

[A new template is loading...]

[Izuku Midoriya template fusion:40%]

The high fusion rate was due to some factors like both being teenagers, heroes, and students.

The emotional points from the broadcast also helped.

'I can complete the fusion to 100% in this fight.'

'My body is strong enough to use 100% OFA.'

'This energy is similar to ki.'

Eric distributed the energy to his whole body.

His veins glow red and black arcs of lightning surround his body.

'It's kinetic energy stored in AFO.'

'When fusion reached 100%. I can use its power without any visual effect.'



A grin formed on his face as he charged at Homelander.

Homelander was sent flying through several buildings as Eric caught the camera.

Brightburn fired his heat vision on him but was met by his heat vision.

As the two heat visions were confrontation each other.

Homelander flew back and tried to punch him.

But his punch got caught by his one hand.

As Eric applied pressure with his hand.

He tried to struggle with both hands.

"I am better."

Eric fired a ki blast at Brightburn and headbutted Homelander.

Homelander and Brightburn teamed up together.

The duo fired a flying punch at Eric.

He responded with the same.

A sonic boom occurred as their punches collided with each other.

A fistfight ensured that Eric had the upper hand.

He summoned tendrils of black energy and grabbed Homelander before smashing him at Brightburn.

The camera gets destroyed in the fight.

But the broadcast continues through satellite.

The surroundings become ruined due to their fight.

It was as Brightburn told the three were Gods to humans in terms of power.

"Let's finish this."



Eric cupped his hands and concentrated his ki into a single point.



He thrust his hands forward and shot a streaming, powerful beam of energy.


Everything in the path of the beam is annihilated and nothing remains of Homelander and Brightburn.

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