1 Chapter 1: Welcome To The World Of Dragon Ball!

In the midst of a scorching summer, the venue overflowed with people. A bald head reflected the sunlight, radiating like a gleaming light bulb, causing discomfort to those around him.

He sported peculiar attire and had been standing there, lost in thought, for an extended period, attracting the attention and whispers of the people nearby.

"Look, Mom! That bald guy in tights looks so strange!"

"Hurry up, don't engage with him. What if he's unstable?"

Feeling truly disheartened, Saitama didn't understand what had happened. When he awoke from slumber, he found himself in this bizarre place.

Alien abduction? Unexplained hallucination?

However, the searing sun's heat and the solid ground beneath his feet assured him that this was no dream.

The polished metal pillars mirrored his strange appearance; he now donned mustard-yellow tights, red leather gloves, and a flimsy white cape billowing behind him like a bedsheet caught in the wind.

"Congratulations to the host for becoming One Punch Man and gaining Saitama's various abilities. Your mission, starting today, is to defeat all your enemies with a single punch."

"What on earth, am I One Punch Man?"

As he examined his altered self, Saitama's breath quickened.

Of course, he knew who One Punch Man was—an incredibly powerful hero from comics who could effortlessly vanquish any foe with a single punch.

If he had indeed become One Punch Man...

He took a deep breath, wanting to shout in exhilaration, but before he could, a slap from above struck him hard on the forehead.

Incensed, Saitama turned around and confronted his assailant, "Who's there? Who dares to hit me on the head? I'm One Punch Man!"

"Hey, Krillin! I finally found you! Wait, you're not Krillin."

The newcomer was a young man with unruly hair resembling a bird's nest. He wore a martial arts uniform, boasted a robust physique, and a golden halo above his head. If he had wings, he'd look like a genuine angel.

However, he wasn't an angel, as Saitama recognized him too.

"Wait, are you Son Goku?"

"How do you know my name is Son Goku? I'm from Otherworld. Have you ever seen a bald guy like you? Well, except shorter."

Saitama was left bewildered.

Krillin? Son Goku?

Was this the world of Dragon Ball?

Had he been transported to the world of "Dragon Ball" and become One Punch Man?

Saitama glanced up and spotted a red banner hanging at the entrance of the venue, bearing seven large characters: "The World's No. 1 Martial Arts Association!"

"Goku, I've finally found you! Hahaha!"

"Goku, welcome back from the underworld!"

Thunderous cheers erupted as Krillin and Son Goten rushed over to embrace Goku.

Aside from them, a large crowd of people had gathered behind them, essentially all the main characters from Dragon Ball.

Tears of joy streamed down many faces upon seeing Goku's return, particularly Chi-Chi, who had raised Son Gohan and Son Goten single-handedly.

Saitama, a comic book enthusiast, recognized this scene and deduced that this moment must be after defeating Cell.

By this time, Goku had already perished in battle and had returned to partake in the World's No. 1 Martial Arts Association competition, followed by the clash with Majin Buu.

"Man, I couldn't have arrived at a worse time. I've landed in the world of Dragon Ball, right at the end. How can I pretend to be excited like this?" Saitama felt a little dejected.

On the other side, Krillin suddenly pointed and asked, "Goku, what's that shining behind you?"

Goku moved aside, revealing the bald head behind him, and said, "Oh! This is the guy I just met. I thought he was you, Krillin."

Krillin extended his hand and introduced himself, "Hello, I'm Krillin. We're both bald, so it seems we're destined."

Saitama also shook his hand and replied, "I'm Saitama."

Vegeta, with his pride as a Saiyan prince, gave Saitama a disdainful look and turned away. In his eyes, only Son Goku mattered, and nothing else was worth acknowledging.

Suddenly, deafening music blared from the stage.

A middle-aged man with an afro strolled onto the stage. He pointed to the sky and declared, "Satan fans from all over the world, you've been waiting for this moment! Who will become the champion of the World's No. 1 Martial Arts Association? Come challenge me! And now, I declare that the World's No. 1 Martial Arts Association is officially open!"



The crowd erupted in cheers.

Satan signaled to the host beside him, and they moved a strength tester onto the stage.

In this world, the World's No. 1 Martial Arts Association held immense influence, attracting numerous participants. To quickly select contestants for the official competition, they decided to use a machine for testing.

Satan took the microphone and announced, "Hit this tester, and the top 16 scorers will enter the official competition! Now, I'll give you all a demonstration!"

With that, the "phony hero" rolled up his sleeves and performed an exaggerated warm-up.

"Here goes!"

Satan struck the boxing tester, scoring an impressive 137, which elicited more cheers from the audience.

He chuckled and said, "See that? That's Lord Satan's strength! Now, I'd like to invite a contestant to demonstrate it for you all to understand better. How about... this bald contestant?"

Saitama's bald head made him impossible to ignore.

"Let's welcome this lucky contestant! He'll have the chance to stand on the same stage as Lord Satan!"


"Master Satan, we love you!"

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