7 Space-time affinity

[They're not Eden Morton's affinities; they're your affinities, Neil Sullivan's affinities].

The system replied, delivering a revelation that sent a jolt through me.


"What do you mean they're my affinities?"

My uncertainty grew as I pressed.

Affinities were bodily traits, not soul attributes, and as an extraterrestrial entity forced into this world, I shouldn't have them.

[Your space affinity isn't like most—it's connected with your time affinity, making a one-of-a-kind combination that makes it one single affinity rather than two separate affinities.]

"That doesn't answer my fucking question: how the fuck did I acquire them".

I asked again, this time expressing my frustration and the urgency of my predicament.

Despite my interest in these amazing affinities, I was aware of the pressing issues at hand.

I'd been brought here by an unknown entity for a purpose, one I hoped to do without becoming a pawn. My unusual affinities provided a possible advantage as well as a threat, offering power while inviting control.

[Do you remember how much time you spent flying across space?]

It asked me in an impartial tone, as if my previous scream had no meaning to it.

"Yes," I answered, clamming down and cooling my head with my palms.

[You unwittingly influenced a fragment of space and time during that time. As your connection to space and time increased, your soul grew stronger, and you unintentionally acquired these affinities.]

"What does that even mean?"

I asked again, a little perplexed by its explanation.

[You weren't supposed to be conscious during your space travels. However, the years you spent in space unintentionally strengthened your soul. This adaptation to space and time enabled you to understand these affinities on an inherent level, but it's vital to stress that your affinity isn't a result of the world's rules—it comes from the fabric of the universe itself.]

"So, it's my fault that I have more affinities than Eden from the game."

I said this as I massaged my forehead.

[It is a result of your specific circumstances.]

The voice responded, accusing me of everything.

"But I was struggling even to sleep there."

I responded that I was genuinely attempting to sleep there but couldn't for some reason.

[That is not my concern.]

My stillness was followed by my inability to grasp the more complex network of information that the system had disentangled.

[Don't think about it too much, host. It will be some time before you can use your affinities properly.]


[Theoretically, your body needs 2-3 years to acclimatize before your affinity becomes operational.]

"Why so long?"

[Let's get into the specifics of your affinity now.]

Those statements piqued my interest as I awaited an explanation of the particular features of my affinities.

[A standard space affinity allows for transit across spatial nodes while retaining a consistent temporal context. Your space-time affinity, on the other hand, allows you to travel between spatial nodes with varied temporal intervals.]

"Essentially, I can time travel—but only if I have a strong enough body to withstand the turbulence of space and time disturbances that are unavoidable because I am interfering with time and space." That's why you said I could use my affinity, but it's only theoretical, right?" I figured it out.


"It's overpowered, isn't it?"

[Yes, it is a significant advantage.]

"Of course, but there's a clause. What exactly is it?"

I sought the loophole, knowing that such powers would not be free.

[Energy—a considerable amount of energy is required. Similar to that of a star.]

"Because stars can disrupt the fabric of space and time."

I posed, recalling how, while flying through space, the stars disrupted the fundamental nature of time and space around them.


"So how do I acquire this 'star energy'?"

[You'll figure it out in time.]


My thoughts raced through my mind, an abundance of possibilities and problems rushing forward.

[Are there any other questions for now?]

When the system asked, my thoughts shifted to the practicalities of my newfound abilities.

"Can I use my space and time affinities separately?" I inquired, hoping for some flexibility.


"That's a relief," I whispered as I collapsed into the bed, my body heavy with tiredness.

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