Saga of Atlantis

"Hah..Hah.." In the midst of what seemed like a battlefield, a young boy with white hair knelt on the ground, struggling to catch shallow breaths. A short sword pierced his heart, his arms and legs were broken, making him unable to stop the crimson blood from coloring the ground. "That's what you get for betrayal," a red-headed teenage boy sneered as he stood before him. "A pathetic person like you could never be my brother," added a purple-haired girl, her voice seething with anger, as she stood alongside the redhead. With great effort, the young boy shifted his gaze forward. He could see many familiar faces in front of him—his so-called family, his so-called friends but his gaze remained fixed on her. "Wh..y, A.nna," he uttered with immense difficulty and sorrow in his voice, his vision blurring as he locked eyes with the blonde-haired girl, who regarded him with emotionless eyes. "I did that so I could save you," he said, his voice gradually growing louder. "I DID THAT SO YOU COULD LIVE!" he shouted, making everyone present flinch in fear. "I never asked you to do this" the blonde-haired girl replied, her words crushing the very soul of the boy. "A...nn.a," the young boy whispered one last time, a small tear slipping down from his eye as he breathed his final breath. ================================ Neil survived eight grueling years in a post-apocalyptic world only to die and be reincarnated in the body of Eden Morton, a character from a game he used to play as a teenager, by an unknown entity for unknown reasons. Eden's life was a pitiable one, plagued by the constant manipulation and betrayal of those around him – whether it was the princess, the famed hero, or even his very own family. Eden died without ever experiencing genuine love. Now, as Neil took over, he was determined to embark on a new journey, seeking the one thing he and Eden never had : a life worth living. ================================ [Discord link :- Invite/5Vgw4JCrBW]

Noob6_writer9 · Fantasy
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195 Chs

Nadya [1]


"I'm home."

With a soft click, Grace pushed open the door to Sophia's apartment, stepping into the dimly lit room.

"I'm home as well," I murmured, following closely behind her.

"Woof, woof."

Luna added her own greeting with a soft, high-pitched bark as she nestled comfortably in my arms.


Grace tiptoed over to the sofa and collapsed onto it with a tired sigh.

"Where's Sophia?" I inquired, settling down beside Grace and allowing Luna to roam freely.

"I'm not sure. She should be back soon," Grace replied, undoing the hook of her skirt and getting comfortable.

"Hmm, probably busy with something related to the academy," I speculated, running my fingers through Grace's hair as she rested her head on my lap.

"How are you feeling?" I asked gently, continuing to massage her scalp.

"Tired, but good," she murmured, closing her eyes.