9 Chapter9- Bring out your most expensive holographic chamber!

Another night passed.

John and Emma woke up in bed together.

Needless to say.

These two had drunk too much again last night.

Emma, with a face of shame, wrapped her body in the quilt, and said, "Why did you get me drunk again! You made me drink too much!"

John laughed and said, "Not my fault, weren't you the one who kept drinking glass after glass last night? Moreover, it was you who pulled me to the bed."

These words made Emma even more shy.

She quickly got up and started throwing soft punches at John.

These punches were weak and didn't hurt John at all.

John grabbed her wrists, and the quilt that was covering Emma's chest slid down, revealing her enticing curves entirely to John's eyes.

At this point, he couldn't stand it anymore and quickly rolled over to press Emma onto the bed again.


Two hours later.

John, drenched in sweat, reached out to check his phone and realized it was already 10 in the morning.

He nudged Emma with his elbow and asked, " Lazy bug, wake up."

Emma's lazy voice came from the quilt, "No way, let me sleep a bit more, you're too exhausting."

"Really?" John smirked, "Then we won't go buy you the holographic chamber today?"

With a splash.

Emma quickly jumped out of the quilt.

"Let's go, now!"

"Wait for me to put on some makeup."

John laughed and said, "You look good even without makeup, quite pure."

Emma gave him a disdainful look and said, "No, I must be in my best state whenever I go out!"

John shrugged his shoulders and said, "Alright, as long as you are happy."


At 12 noon.

John and Emma left the apartment, hailed a taxi, and headed straight for the holographic chamber store in the downtown.

Although the city they lived in was not an international metropolis, it had all the shops and brands one could wish for.

Arriving downtown, John looked around.

The passing men were either trendy or well-dressed with a striking demeanor, and the women were all young girls with great figures and charming visage.

Not to mention, if not for dressing up properly, there would be quite a bit of psychological pressure coming here.

"I can see why you put on makeup, you really can't come here looking unkempt," John said to Emma beside him.

Emma, unashamedly wrapping her arms around John's and said, "Yeah, who comes to this CBD dressed casually like you, in a plain t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops?"

John laughed, "We're here to buy items, not to strut our stuff. Let's go, the specialty store is up there."

In today's gaming world, there are two hardware manufacturers whose products are globally recognized as the best gaming devices:

Company B and Company O.

Company B's gaming holographic chamber performs better, with extremely realistic graphics.

Company O's gaming holographic chamber is more ergonomic.

It's extremely comfortable to use. In this device, even if you play continuously for a day and night, it will not make you feel tired. Moreover, its touch feedback is also more realistic.

The gaming competition that John previously participated in was sponsored by Company O, so the latest holographic chamber he received was this model from Company O.

Entering the mall.

John turned his head to look at Emma and asked, "Do you prefer the style of Company B or Company O? It seems like this mall has specialty stores for both."

Emma obediently looked at John and said, "I prefer the style of Company O! It's said to be more comfortable inside, and it doesn't burden the body..."

John nodded and led Emma to the Company O specialty store.

Not to mention, Company O truly deserves its reputation as one of the top gaming peripheral companies in the world.

With the rapid development of the gaming industry in recent years, Company O has made a fortune, so its store in the mall occupied a huge area and possessed a very good location.

The specialty store was beautifully decorated.

As soon as John and Emma arrived at the entrance, they saw the futuristic decorations inside, and the sales ladies in professional suits, tight skirts, black stockings, and high heels.

These sales ladies were all very attractive, it's clear that Company O was willing to spend money on marketing.

As soon as John and Emma entered the store, a tall, long-legged sales lady, clicking her heels, walked over.

She had a very good demeanor, excellent temperament.

After she came to John and Emma, she smiled and said, "Welcome, how may I help you two today?"

Emma looked at her own legs, then at the other's slender, black stocking-clad legs, she suddenly felt a bit deflated.

However, she also had her strengths, deliberately sticking out her chest, as if competing with the other.

John didn't pay attention to these and asked directly, "We want to buy a holographic chamber, the one with the best configuration from your store..."

Upon hearing this, the sales lady politely nodded and then said, "Alright, do you two want the latest Future 2 model? Please follow me."

She had just walked a couple of steps towards the interior with John and Emma when an obviously older female supervisor walked over and said in a displeased tone, "Sophia Rosewood! What are you doing!"

The tall, leggy beauty called Sophia, startled by the supervisor's call, quickly straightened up and bowed, "Manager Brown, there are customers who want to buy the latest Future 2 model, I was about to take them to see it..."

Manager Brown walked up to Sophia, ignoring the presence of John and Emma, and directly pointed at Sophia's shoulder and said, "Don't you know how to work? Didn't I just ask you to clean all the machines on the display stand?

Sophia looked puzzled: "But I just cleaned them..."

"I didn't see it! If I didn't see you clean them, then you didn't!" Manager Brown was quite intimidating, continually pointing her finger at Sophia, showing no basic respect for her.

At this point, John couldn't just stand by.

He spoke up: "Isn't her primary job as a sales assistant to attend to customers? The cleaning you mentioned should be the responsibility of the cleaning staff, isn't it?"

Upon hearing John defending her, Sophia turned around and gave John a grateful look.

Hearing what John said, the female manager frowned, and after sizing up John who was dressed casually, she glared at him: "Who are you guys? Do you know that the machines here can't be afforded by poor guys like you?"

Then she scolded Sophia: "Don't bring everyone to the display! If these poor men damage the latest model, can you afford to pay for it?"

Sophia couldn't help but say: "But Manager, they are our customers..."

"Customers? Have you ever seen a customer come into our store dressed like this? Clearly they are poor students!"

With that, Manager Brown looked at Sophia and frowned, "Aren't they your classmates? Do you want to give them a free trial of our latest model in the store? Really... I told the BOSS long ago not to hire poor students like you to work part-time, you guys are just trouble, but he wouldn't listen!"

Upon hearing this, John was not happy.

"How much is your latest model?"

He didn't want to waste his breath arguing with this annoying women.

He directly asked for the price.

The female manager looked at John and scoffed: "Don't pretend to be more than you are. The cheapest model here costs 30,000 dollars! The latest model with the lowest specifications costs over 80,000 dollars! Can you afford it?"

"Moreover, we don't accept installment payments here!"

John just smiled.

He smiled very confidently.

"I thought it was going to be millions, but it turns out it's just over eighty thousand."

The female manager sensed something was off and quickly added: "That's just the price for the lowest specifications. If you want the fully equipped version, it'll be over 200,000 dollars!"


John was not fazed at all.

He simply tossed out a bank card and said:

"Go ahead, bring out the most expensive equipment here and set me up with a set."

The female manager picked up the bank card and was about to mock him when she was pushed aside by a man who rushed over from behind.

The man was in his thirties and looked very gentlemanly.

He quickly apologized to John: "I am the store owner here, really sorry for the problem with our service. I will definitely scold them afterwards and make them understand that the customer is always right!"

Behind him, the female manager still said with a defiant face:

"Boss, why do you have to be so humble to him? Which of our customers isn't either rich or noble? Besides, there might not even be any money in his card!"

The store owner looked quite upset.

He first smiled apologetically at John, then turned back and scolded the female manager:

"Enough! shut up! You've served a few rich people and you think you're one of them? You dare to be so rude to customers... Go and check out for the customer!"

Seeing that the BOSS had said so, the female manager had no choice but to shut up, preparing to go to the checkout with the bank card that John had thrown out.

"I'll see what you'll do if there isn't that much money in your card!"

At this moment.

John called out:


When the female manager halted and turned back, John pointed at Sophia and said:

"Give the card to her, let her check me out... I know your sales assistants get a commission. This transaction has nothing to do with you, all the commission goes to her."

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