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Man reincarnates into a boys body as he watches people around him get beaten. It just so happens that the people getting beaten have animal features while those doing the beating don’t and look like normal humans from earth except their weird hair colors. He hears the people getting beaten saying something about equality for Faunus and some dust company owned by the Schnees or something. He also hears the screams around him grow louder and he can see the blood of the beaten and the smiles of the beaters. He just got reincarnated so how could he already be near death again? Follow this boy as he grows up into a man. See how he struggles and overcomes challenges on his path. MC will be a wolf Faunus because why not. I don’t own RWBY or the pictures used. I don’t know a lot about RWBY in detail, so it’s most likely gonna be AU, but no genderbends

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Ch. 1 Terrible ending and Beginning

A man freezes looking at a pack of wolves as they start to surround him. He is only 19 and it was his first time camping in the woods on his own. He didn't even know there were wolves in this forest.

He can hear theirs breath and see the steam as they exhale. They are as black as the night and if it wasn't for the fire in front of him he could only see their deep red eyes as they look at him like he's the biggest buffet and they were starving Americans.

He heard a loud howl from the one in front of him. Not even a second later he heard shuffling of the leaves and the breaking of twigs and bushes all around him. He blinked and they were already on him.

He was tackled to the right and landed heavily as he was taken down by one of these big ferocious creatures. As he fell he tried to roll and get back up. But as soon as he moved he felt something burn on his left shoulder. When he looked at it he saw a blood red eye staring back. The wolf had tackled him and is pinning him down while it bites his shoulder. If he hadn't tried to roll it would have gotten his throat. It would have ended quickly if that was the case but unfortunately for him it wasn't.

As he was pinned on his stomach he heard more shuffling get closer. Then he felt pain all over his body.

There were more than 8 wolves that he could count. He counted the number of spots on his body that were being chewed and torn apart. And then he felt even more. It was his limbs at first. His legs were targeted first so he couldn't run. They took muscle away from bone like it was nothing. Then they went to his arms.

The worst part was that they started near the hands and feet first. Like they knew the best way to make him feel pain. Then they somehow managed to turn him onto his back. Now he could watch as some were eating the flesh that was already stripped away. But the others were still trying to shred more off with their razor sharp teeth and claws.

Then he watched as they dug into his abdomen. They found the over 20 feet long intestines and pulled until it all came out. They even fished for some other organs as well.

This all happened in under 30 seconds. And he felt every ounce of pain. He screamed and shouted but it only seemed to encourage them to go slower and make him suffer. He couldn't shut his eyes it hurt so much. He wanted to just shut his eyes and let it end but it just hurt so much.

Why did it have to happen to him, why now. He just got home and he had a fight with his parents and younger sister. He wanted to get out of the house so he packed his camping gear that he normally takes on the family camping trips and just went out. He didn't even know where he was and he didn't tell anyone he was going to these woods. He thought about how stupid the fight was and how immature he had been. He tried his best but he could only take so much from the world. He thought about the what if's and what could have gone differently in his life. He wasn't happy at all. Even when he had a girlfriend he wasn't truly happy. It was always like there was something stopping his heart or mind from truly feeling happy.

His mind was racing but he still felt his body get ripped to peace's until his throat couldn't produce any more sound.

Then as he lay his head against the cold and slightly damp ground he looks up at the night sky.

He sees the trees and the stars, and the moon. But then he feels something slide down his cheek. He knows it's not his tears because those have been cold this entire time while this liquid is warm.

He looks and sees the leader of the wolf pack above him. It looks into his eyes as drool escapes its mouth and falls onto his face. It rises into the air and then it opens its mouth to reveal all its teeth to be seen and then it quickly lunges down and that's finally where it ends.


"You who have suffered and have not experienced truly living shall be given another chance. Do not be idle in this next life. This is your one and only chance to live again, do not make me regret this action of kindness for you"


The man continues screaming but now it sounds higher pitched. He also feels his limbs still intact. He also feels a warmth around him.

But he also feels better. Like his senses are on overdrive. When he opens his eyes he sees a woman holding him tightly. Then he realizes that she is getting kicked and hit with sticks. She is crying and trying to protect him with her body. He looks around and sees a bunch of people. But some people have animal features while others don't. As his mind slowly comes back to him he realizes that the people without animal features are attacking those with animal features. But they aren't fighting back. He also hears crying and angry or agonizing shouts.

"Why?!" "What did we do?!" "This was a peaceful protest!" "Why does Ghira have to not be here today of all day?!" "Mommy!" "We just want equality!" "We didn't ask to be born like this!" "We don't have aura to protect us!!! Stop!" "Where are the White Fangs protective units!?!"

There were many things going on. All of a sudden the woman that is holding him speaks to him. Her Snow White hair turning red quickly and her pale skin slowly turning black and blue, her red lips a bit swollen. She says "Be strong Alabast Noir. Be safe and live a long life. Your father and I love you more than the entire world and we're sorry we brought you here. Even though you are only six you have to be strong. Now get ready to run and know that mommy loves you. I'll be right behind you, just keep running and don't look back. NOW RUN!"

With that she threw him and he landed on his feet even though he would have fallen flat on his face. He also noticed that he is much smaller than he anticipated. He looked back and saw that the woman had ears on the top of her head. She turned around and tried to attack the men beating her but she was pinned back down to the ground and they continued to beat her. She was already so weak before it was a miracle she could have a burst of strength to get back up, women truly are scary if they have to protect their kids.

One of the men saw her throw Alabast and looked at him a few feet away. He stopped beating the woman and moved towards Alabast. "Oh, she had another plaything hidden for us and wanted to save him for later, how nice of her" the man said as he wickedly smiled.

Alabast took off in a random direction. He wanted to protect the woman but it was already too late, she had already stopped moving and she her body would only shift when hit or kicked. He ran in between people. He was lucky to be so small. As he was running he saw a small girl with long black hair and cat ears on the ground crying silent tears as a man with scissors approached her slowly.

The next thing Alabast knew he was on the back of the man and biting his neck. He threw his head backwards and took a chunk of neck with him. A fountain of red liquid soon followed and the man tried to stop it. He collapsed to his front revealing Alabast to the girl still terrified. Alabast looked down into the shiny armor of the man and saw his reflection. He had white hair like the woman but the roots were black. He had tanned skin unlike the woman. The woman had light green eyes while his were a deep blood red that reminded him of his encounter with the pack of wolves that felt like a few minutes ago. He had wolf ears on the top of his head. He also saw his teeth that were sharp and his canines were slightly longer than normal, like a wolves. The blood continued to linger in the air and pooled on the ground. Alabast's white hair now had speckles of red and his entire mouth and jaw as covered in blood. His front also had blood running down his previously white shirt.

Alabast spat the chunk out of his mouth and ran to the girl who tried to. Back away from him as he approached. He tried to speak but his throat hurt too much. So he pulled her up and pushed her away from the normal looking people. She could barely move and stumbled a lot. They made it only a few steps before Alabast felt a sharp pain that he hasn't ever felt before. He turned around and saw a diferent man in armor holding onto something fluffy behind Alabast. Then it clicked, he also had a tail.

The man pulled and was successful in yanking Alabast toward him. He then pinned Alabast to the ground with one hand on his back. It felt like a mountain was trying to crush Alabast beneath it. He clawed at the ground with his fingers and tried to wiggle out from beneath the weight but was unable to. Then he felt a few more more hands start to grab his limbs. He looked towards the girl and was finally able to shout something from his hurt throat. He said "Run!" And it sounded guttural and scratchy at the same time.

He saw as the girl continued crying but she was also able to run and get away from the fighting.

Right as he started to relax he heard the sound of scissors opening and closing behind him. Then he heard a deep voice. "You killed one of us, that's a no no boy. Now we need to punish you. It's unfortunate the girl got away but I like it better when they have more energy and fight back like you boy"

This scared the sh*t out of Alabast and he knew this was not going to end well. He felt 9 hands on him and the scissors never stopped opening and closing. He knew that meant there were five full grown men holding his tiny body down. He barely had any energy left but his body kept squirming to try and get away. He was absolutely terrified to feel any more pain. And that's when it happened.

He felt the cold metal on the tip of his left wolf ear. Then he felt the metal start to fully close. The man continued talking. "Nobody is gonna save you for a while boy. The White Fang's protective force or whatever it's called is preoccupied and held up. That means we get to take our time and not rush through this. Doesn't that sound fun?"

And with that said the man closed the scissors and clipped the tip of Alabast's left wolf ear off. This sent a wave of pain like no other through his body. His body kicked and bucked as he was somehow able to scream louder than ever even with his hurting throat. Tears escaped his eyes as his eyes rolled back. The man waited until Alabast calmed down a bit and then cut another centimeter off. He repeated this until he got bored after five more cuts.

"Alright, now what can we do, I know. You have a pretty face. That kinda ticks me off. Flip him over so I can change that guys"

Alabast was weak and felt extremely light headed. But he continued screaming whenever he felt the excruciating pain. He felt the weight get off his back and was able to shakily breath a full breath of air for the first time in a while. But then he felt them move him onto his back. He saw the dirt and grass blurredly transition to a dark cloudy sky. It looked like it wanted to rain like the heavens wanted to cry for the tragedy unfolding below it. Not only for Alabast, but for the other Faunus as well.

He saw the man with scissors and he looked fit with brown wavy hair pulled to the back. But his face that could have been handsome looked scarred and deformed from battles. The other men holding him down have helmets on that matched their shiny armor that had been marked up slightly from blood and dirt.

Alabast watched as the man moved Alabast's white hair out of his face to reveal the innocent child's unblemished face.

"Is his hair turning black? I wonder if we are causing the hair to change. Now I just have to cause him more pain to test my theory. This just gets better and better!"

The others laugh maniacally with the man as he brings the scissors down to Alabasts right eye. Then the man digs the blade in right below the middle of his eye and drags the blade through the skin downwards. Going toward the mouth but stopping just after his nose, just after the kid's cheekbone.

Alabast screams started again and he was finally able to shut his eyes but moving now hurts worse now that he is laying on his back.

The man then moves to his left eye and just starts cutting around it. Just making a mess of the flesh around it. He went from the forehead to his cheekbone and just shredded everything. But he left the eye alone. That didn't stop the blood and sweat from getting into his eye and burning it. The man also decided to give him a few minor cuts on his cheeks and jaws.

"Alright. So your hair is turning black boy. Aren't you happy? You will look so cool once we're done with you. Aren't you happy you have long hair so we can keep going and judge how much pain you've felt. It's not even half-way yet. Now let's move onto your body yeah?"

He cut Alabast's shirt off to cause the boy even more terror. He didn't cut any words into him but he left plenty of deep cuts. He made sure to miss the important veins and arteries. He also pulled his pant legs up so they could cut his legs. All the while laughing and talking to the others.

Time seemed like it didn't stop but it didn't continue either. Alabasts mind eventually shut off but his body kept sending the pain signals and he kept screaming and squirming.

Eventually he saw the men get shot but no blood left their body, only slight waves of energy roll off of them. Then a big muscular man with yellow eyes and slicked back black hair and a short beard tackled the men off of Alabast. Alabast could have sworn he saw claws on the mans hands as well. He then heard metal clunking together signifying his torturers were running away. He couldn't hear anything else as he started to close his eyes. But then he saw the blurry figure of the man who saved him come over to him and then darkness.

We are starting off very dark. Much darker than I planned but I think it sets the seriousness of what happened and how Faunus are sometimes treated.

This is just an idea I had while writing my other story so not sure how far this will go.

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